Help Feed People Who Are Hungry Physically and Spiritually

You can help us prepare to meet this need in Myanmar now, while there are still supplies available for purchase.

Suan writes from Myanmar: “Two former spirit worshipers (a couple) whom we have shared the Gospel with many times believed the Gospel and professed that they believe in Jesus Christ the only true God and their Savior. I baptized both of them in accordance with our Lord’s command (Matt.28:19). They are two of the unreached people we helped them with the emergency food supplies that you helped us give.”

Baptism often brings persecution in countries in this part of the world.

Suan tell us, “As soon as they got baptized opposition came from their sons and daughters and even from their grandchildren. Now they are living with one of our church families.”

Baptized couple

There is a plan to build this couple a bamboo home on a small piece of land.

How Food Supplies Help

The conditions in Myanmar remain critical and Live Global national partners there continually see the problem of basic shelter and hunger growing because of the military assaults on local villages.

“Many people go to bed hungry because of the military and the people defense force are still fighting each other.”

The problem of “IDP”s (internally displaced people) is growing in Myanmar. Suan and his family saw evidence of this in their travels.

Truck of people

“We pass many vehicles like this truck on the roads, traveling everyplace in Myanmar. I asked them why they don’t lock the house. They told me, if we do, then the military will burn everything down, kill our animals and take what they can. If we leave our house unlocked, they take what they want and go to the next village to steal from them.”

We anticipate a severe problem with lack of food by summer as the military targets farming villages, burning fields, and stealing stored rice.

You can help us prepare to meet this need now, while there are still supplies available for purchase. Unlike the conflict in Europe, no relief organizations are able to bring supplies into Myanmar. The borders are closed. But, through the work of national believers on the ground, Live Global can fund the relief efforts of our national partners in which they offer food and the Gospel to people who are hungry physically and spiritually.

A Relief Kit Includes:

  • A pack of rice – $10
  • A bottle of oil – $ 5
  • A dozen eggs – $ 3
  • A pack of salt – $ 2
  • A pack of soap- $ 6

TOTAL – $26 per family