Faith Baptist Needs Good Books

“What’s the one thing you need most at Faith Baptist?” we asked Dr. Mung. “We need good books,” he said without hesitation.

“What’s the one thing you need most at Faith Baptist?” we asked Dr. Mung, founder and president of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.

“We need good books,” he said without hesitation.

Why Good Books?

Faith Baptist makes its main focus teaching solid Bible doctrine and theology. Dr. Mung’s heart and calling since he was saved is to educate young believers in the faith.

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For many years, Faith Baptist has taught good Bible doctrine and solid theology to Burmese Christians who go on to become pastors, evangelists, youth leaders, and missionaries. In Asia, biblical theology is not always prevalent among Christians, so it’s incredible to see a school in that region churning out graduates with a true understanding of God’s Word.

And it’s incredible to see what the graduates go on to do with their education! Check out just one story here.

But this is why Bible commentaries, systematic theologies, educational Christian resources, and other good books are incredibly important for Faith Baptist. They want the students to have access to many resources while they are studying to help them grow in their faith and knowledge. Dr. Mung is praying the library at the seminary would double in size.

Library to double

Why Good Books in English?

Dr. Mung is actually praying that God would provide them these books in English, not Burmese. This is because most solid Christian resources are published in English.

It’s another priority of the school to teach their students English so that they can access these resources and more on their own once they graduate.

How to Give Good Books to Faith Baptist

Do you have Christian commentaries, systematic theologies, or other solid Christian books at home or your church you would like to donate to the seminary in Myanmar?

Please let us know by filling out this contact form.

We’ll make it easy for you to donate the books to a location in the United States and then we’ll take care of shipping them overseas.

Good books

The students at Faith Baptist will be blessed through your donation for many years to come. And the knowledge they learn from the books you donate will be multiplied as the graduates go on to make disciples all throughout Myanmar.