Going to School with No Shoes

24 children finally get a chance to go to Christian school but the kids have no backpacks, no school supplies, and most have no shoes.

High in the Himalayan mountains, 24 children finally get a chance to go to school at a new Christian school that just opened for them! Their families are poor. They don’t have fertile land to live on or make their living on. They struggle to feed their kids. And their kids have no uniforms, no backpacks, no school supplies, and most of them have no shoes.

The kids walk 30 to 60 minutes to get to school. And many times they get injuries to their feet along the way. National pastor RK who is working with these families in their remote Himalayan village has requested we provide school shoes for the kids to make getting their Christian education more sustainable.

To buy all 24 pairs of shoes, it costs $175.

Pastor RK also requested several other items for the kids as a way to bless them while they go to school, where they are learning from the Bible and learning to read it. The main purpose of the school is to help the children of the village learn to read and know Jesus as Lord and Savior. These gifts bring glory to God as you support the efforts of Pastor RK and the teachers.

  • Backbacks for the kids. Otherwise they travel while carrying books and notebooks in their hands. During rainy season that won’t be possible. Backpacks for all students cost $155.
  • Pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and notebooks for all students: $125.
  • Snacks for the children. Sometimes the kids go to school without food for meals and snacks because their families can’t afford it. Snacks for one month for all the kids and teachers will be $135.

Tuition for the school only costs the family 80 cents per month per kid. Some have trouble even affording that cost. Please consider blessing this education ministry so that kids can experience the love of Jesus as they read it from God’s Word.