Going Places North Americans Can’t Go

Malik has a vision and passion for reaching even harder gospel destitute places most North Americans can’t go.

Going Places Most Cannot

The Middle East is a complex part of the world. It is a region few outsiders can understand and navigate. This is not so for Malik. Watching his quiet but powerful influence of leadership among his team in his home country is a powerful example of true servant leadership. He is a refreshing wind to his peers but also extended to his team of volunteers who serve with him all over the country to reach youth for Jesus. Watching his passion for discipleship among this group of young developing leaders is a spiritual treat.

A Vision to Reach Gospel Destitute Places

But Malik has a vision for even harder gospel destitute places most cannot access. This month he is planning to take a team of leaders to a remote desert country to the south. They must take their food, mostly canned tuna since there are few resources, just intense heat. They will share Jesus with the community from the local orphanage.

Praying for Open Doors

Following this trip, Malik plans to return to a highly restricted country he has fallen in love with. The people there have little hope, but open hearts to the gospel. Malik has found a place to minister to the people and hopes the door will open to remain in this place for an extended time. It is a place few desire to go and those who live there dream of leaving.  Both of these locations are near neighbors in the region and share Malik’s language. He speaks the heart language of the people and shares the heart language of Jesus.

“I am praying God will open the door so I can stay for a long time to be with the people there.”


Pray for Malik

  • For extended visa into this sensitive country (westerners cannot enter here)
  • For travel and ministry funds
  • For freedom to share Jesus in highly sensitive places