From Trauma to New Life

A leads a school for refugee students and their families. In his own words, he shares his testimony of how he came from trauma to new life.

A team trained by Live Global leaders Aquila and Priscilla opened a school for impoverished kids. From Syrian and Kurdish refugee families, between ages of 8 – 13, the children had no hope for education. At the same time they minister to students, the team works with the parents. The curriculum includes understanding the Good News, studying God’s Word, and trauma counseling.

Now, one team member we’ll call “A” leads the school as a place of hope for these families. In his own words, A shares his testimony from trauma to new life.

A’s Trauma to New Life Story

“Being raised as a devout Muslim in a middle class Syrian family, I experienced bombings and physical torture as daily reality. I fled Syria as a heavily traumatized young man. On the way I met Jesus who saved my life.

Homeless in the streets of Lebanon, I was introduced to believers who had compassion with me and tried to help me to start a new life. During that time I was invited to the three-month [Training Course] for future fieldworkers. Of course, I knew that there were thousands of younger and older Syrians like me, families and singles whose lives were broken because of the war.

Deep in my heart I had the strong desire to give them what Jesus had given me: Salvation and Future.

After about two years of internship with the training center, I was invited to join their national staff. From the first day I began to build a private school for refugee kids and their families. Slowly the team of teachers grew. All of them are refugees with Muslim background who love the Lord. Today we have more than 40 regularly attending kids, about twelve Arabic and Kurdish families, and many friends in our neighborhood.

Sharing New Life with Others

The blessing of our compassionate God is felt when depressed people enter the school. Here, we give kids in three age groups elementary education in Arabic, English, Math and Music, gather young families, have men’s meetings, a big group of young mothers, and since a few days also a sports ministry for kids.

The dream of my life came true: to love and care for people in need as the Lord has been loving and caring for me.”

For this purpose, the team plans to use Christmas to tell about Jesus. Partner with A and the team to make a difference for these children and families HERE.