Filling the Starving, Hungry, and Empty

Biak was able to pass out 100 Gospel literature pamphlets with food. So many hungry people came that supplies were distributed in 20 minutes!

Life has been anything but normal in Myanmar since the military coup last February. Unrest and violence have become commonplace, and families continue to struggle from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Skyrocketing inflation, as well as the continued closure of many schools and businesses, has left many searching. Biak shares that “people are starving physically, hungry mentally, and empty spiritual[ly].” 

Food for the Hungry and Gospel Booklet Outreach

The future of Myanmar is unknown, but Biak and Esther’s hope remains in Jesus, and they are excited about the new opportunities being provided by the current circumstances in their country, despite the difficulties.

Biak and his team were recently able to pass out 100 Gospel literature pamphlets along with food, and so many people came that supplies were completely distributed in 20 minutes! Many asked questions and wanted to know more about God! Biak is praying for more opportunities to share the Gospel, and is excited that his church has just recently been able to begin meeting in person for worship again!

Food distribution

Working in the Slums

The work with the children in the slums has been able to continue; and after five years of faithful outreach, three adults recently accepted Jesus as their Savior– two of whom are parents of children that attend the school! What a blessing to be able to witness God work in the lives of entire families! 

Of course, it’s not all easy. Biak shared that some people are complaining because many teenagers are becoming Christians. Pray for those kids to pursue in faith despite much opposition!

School in the slum

From a Shelter to a Mobile School

God has also graciously provided some land with a basic shelter in which they are currently holding classes in one area of the slums, as well as four volunteers who work alongside Esther to help teach and care for the children.

The structure currently being used for school in the slums

Biak and Esther are still praying that God will provide a truck and the funds needed to transform it into a mobile school. This will allow much more flexibility for ministry and provide longevity.

What encouragement that God is using the hardships in Myanmar to open hearts to the message of the Gospel, and the hope that is found in Christ alone! 

Prayer Requests

  1. That the school in the slums would continue to grow, and more families would be reached with the Gospel through this ministry. 
  2. That God will provide the mobile school they are praying for.
  3. Good health and attitudes for the staff as they serve.
  4. For the new believers to grow in their faith and not be overcome by temptation.

Financial Needs

  1. $2000 to finish the current structure used for school.
  2. Provide basic necessities for one child for a month: $20.
  3. Funds for the mobile school unit, so that more children can be reached with an education and the Gospel. 
  4. $150 to repair the broken water pump at the school in the slums.
  5. $6000 for a food truck to convert into a mobile school unit.