Few Workers in Far Places

Few workers go to cities like those where Rania lives and serves. Now, she’s using her experience to share gospel resources onboard ship.

Raina heard about the city from her brother who visited there once with an outreach team “to show God’s love.” In this place, the plains extend southward into the plains of Galilee and the Golan Heights. “It has few ministers.

Why Few Workers Go to These Cities

She remembers arriving there to serve in the city and says, “I was surprised to meet people there who told me that they had known Jesus through some visits from my brother’s group.” God had prepared the way for Rania to build on her brother’s ministry in a place few workers go with the gospel.

“We had a great conversation with some of the people there, and we heard about their challenges in this area because it’s too far.”

Rania understands the challenges of being in a city “too far” from places of opportunity and resources. Few workers are willing to go to such hard places. In this place near the plains of the Middle East, “There are not a lot of opportunities for jobs, and the youth leave this area.” There are many hardships for the people there, and Rania understands. She’s been living in such a city in her own near-neighbor country, and she’s been serving there where it also has “few ministers.” She has a passion for such places where the gospel needs to be known.

“They have a lot of people around them thirsty for God, but they need workers,” Rania says of this outpost city. Like her brother, she has a heart for outreach.

Sailing to New Places with Gospel Resources

Now, God has opened the door for Rania to serve on the OM Ship Logos Hope, with a mission to share gospel literature and resources in far places.

  • The crew and staff of more than 60 nationalities will share God’s love with people in multiple ports.
  • At the same time, Rania and the diverse crew will receive training in different kinds of ministry.
  • They’ll serve in ports where few workers navigate ministry in areas antagonistic to the gospel.
  • Along with three other women, Rania is one of only a few workers who speak Arabic on the crew.

How does God want to use them on this journey?

  • Pray for Rania as she helps to mentor the three younger Egyptian women.
  • Pray for Rania as she learns from and serves diverse cultures on the ship and in port.
  • Pray that God would use her specialized skill and experience in gospel books and literature.
  • Pray that God would meet her financial need to cover lodging and transportation. (Give a gift towards the $810 total)