Essential School Supplies

Before COVID-19 entered remote Nepal educators practiced the essential school supply. Join partners in prayer this school year.

When school closed March 15th teachers left the school with decorations for the new session. But after lockdowns were imposed March 24th the new session didn’t start. Long before COVID-19 found its way inside the mainly mountainous borders of Nepal, educators and care givers learned to practice the essential school supply. Prayer. Prayer was in place as a regular practice for the team led by Live Global’s national partners.

How Educators Adapt

The staff at the anti-trafficking ministry serves children in five homes for youth rescued or at risk from the sex trade. Daily devotions moved to Zoom formats for children and caregivers in the homes. Continuing to pray together was a priority. Teaching practices changed, but prayer practices did not.

The anti-trafficking ministry also serves students who migrate from the far reaches of the region, receiving education on scholarships. 80% of Nepal is mountainous. A staff survey of families revealed a lack of knowledge and tools for using technical options like Zoom or Google classroom. In 1952 only 10% of the population could read. Facebook Messenger was the best possibility, so school began with an app many North Americans use to send photos and funny memes.

By June the government allowed alternatives for teaching delivered by radio, TV, and the internet where electricity and appliances existed. Officials announced a general reopening timeline of schools for mid August.

What Reopening Requirements look like

National leaders are prayerfully considering how to move forward. The education team, including 37 staff will participate in three days of training in how to follow COVID-19 rules, while providing education. Compliance with COVID-19 requirements in classroom settings means:

  • daily temperature checks for students and staff
  • stocking enough supplies for frequent hand washing
  • group size limited to 10
  • social distancing of one meter and a half (almost 5 feet)
  • continuing to care for boys and girls in the five children’s homes

While some school materials are hard to supply, prayer is not. The administration and teachers are praying about how to proceed. With seniors looking anxiously to their critical government board exams in March of 2021, plans have life-changing implications for some. “I love the Lord, because he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy. Because he inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call on him as long as I live.” (Psalm 116:1-2)

How to Supply Prayer

Without navigating the time zones, multiple flights, quarantine, or mountainous terrain, you can help supply what the academy cannot do without.  Prayer.

Pray For:

  • Skill in making decisions to cooperate with government guidelines
  • Careful use of limited resources needed to provide for so many
  • Enough funds for additional sanitation, food, and medical expenses
  • Staff to access adequate learning materials and food for students
  • Protection of children from exploitation when perpetrators prey
  • Supply of computer tablets for marginalized students to have materials to read, curriculum, learning activities, and information from school (See below if you’d like to help)