Cyclone Yaas: Adding Hardship to Hardship

When Cyclone Yaas hit land in India in May 2021, the effects rippled across country borders into Bangladesh.

Life in Bangladesh isn’t easy for most people. So many who call Bangladesh home are day laborers—they work during the day so they have money to feed their family that evening. When a Cyclone comes, it’s adding hardship to hardship.

When Cyclone Yaas hit land in India in May 2021, the effects rippled across country borders into Bangladesh, and directly affected people connected to Friendship Ministries. In the areas where Friendship Ministries works to share the Good News, many people have fish farms where they raise fish for their livelihood. The salt from the ocean water killed all the freshwater fish on the farms. Pastor Ajit and his team of ministry leaders at Friendship Ministries are eager to provide food relief and Gospel hope for people struggling from loss of work. For $18, you can feed a family of 3-4 people for about 15 days.

Much to Be Thankful For

Despite their concern for those around them, the Friendship Ministries team has much to be thankful to God for. There were no injuries or deaths among those associated with the ministry. Cyclone Yaas moved very slowly with heavy winds and rains causing a high tidal surge over the course of three hours.

It’s not known how many people in India and Bangladesh perished in the cyclone, and we pray for all the families affected. We especially ask God to open people’s eyes and give them understanding of the one true God who can save them from their sin and shame.

Repairs Needed

A building associated with Friendship Ministries that’s being used as both a church and cyclone shelter suffered damages during Cyclone Yaas. They estimate it will cost between $2,000 and $2,500 to repair. We pray that God will provide the funds needed for this so that people can continue to gather indoors. Also, when hardship strikes again, people will have a place to take shelter.