COVID-19 Opens Closed Doors

COVID19 has done what few things could in many isolated, dark places. It has opened closed doors. Opporunities await for partners to share the Gospel.

Three years before COVID-19, Pastor S moved to a village to start a church. Work was slow and discouraging. Few listened to his teaching from the Bible. What could open these closed doors?

Closed Doors are Open

When nationwide lockdown began in this mountainous Asian nation, national leaders working with Live Global asked about needs created by the restrictions. Pastor S knew the needs and provided for families to receive lentils, rice, salt, oil, and hand soap. As the gift of essentials was given, Pastor S shared the Gospel with each family. This time, they were willing to listen about Jesus. “Now the door has been open to these … families and Pastor is welcome in their home.”

To feed a family of five for about three weeks, it costs about $17. That includes 65 pounds of rice, 9 pounds of lentils, 2 pounds of salt, 1 liter of cooking oil, and a bar of hand soap. So far hundreds have received the gift of the Gospel along with food and hygiene supplies. More families wait.

From his first village, Pastor S heard of a neighboring village suffering under the COVID-19 food crisis. With his national leader, Pastor S used a survey to gather information about the needs.

  • First, they used available funds to provide noodles and biscuits for the people.
  • Gratitude over food gifts fed willingness to hear the gospel with “full attention.”
  • Only one woman in the village was a follower of Jesus.
  • The village is one and a half hours walk from the church.
  • The people said they want to hear more of Jesus.

COVID-19 is opening doors for the Gospel.

When the government heard about the food gifts, they began to ask questions. Pastor S believes it will cost $410 to provide for all of the villagers in need. Delivery to the hungry villagers may be opposed. National partners and local pastors know prayer is needed along with the gifts.

Starving time COVID19

It’s not easy for local partners to reach isolated villages or to traverse the long, steep trails between villages. In one village people said, “In the middle of the starving time, whoever helped is the True God because He cared about us.”

Delivering the Gospel makes the trek worth it.

Pray for Partners Facing Closed Doors

  • Would you pray for God to provide resources to feed hungry people and their hungry souls?
  • Would you pray that God would sovereignly usher the funds through transfer offices?
  • Would you ask God to guard local leaders in delivering gifts in His name?
  • Would you pray that God will use food to open hungry hearts?
  • And if you would like to have a part in providing resources for Pastor S to carry into remote villages where few others will go, and no others will take the Gospel, we would love to have you join us during COVID-19 and beyond. Give below or reach out if you have questions.