COVID-19: An Invitation for Jesus

Jesus is being invited into places where He wasn’t wanted before COVID19. Great physical need has opened doors for spiritual needs to be met.

COVID-19 creates new invitations for Jesus. When news spread about the food distribution taking place in otherwise forgotten areas, a national partner received a request from an unexpected person. A government official.

He requested help for dozens more families, and God provided. It took only two days for the gifts to reach the local partner. The government officer was amazed.

“Praise be to your God who helped us in this starvation!”

At first, grateful people praised Pastor R for the gifts they received. He stopped them. “It’s not because of me that I was able to distribute this food, but because Jesus provided the funds and made it possible for the funds to come.”

COVID19 Invitation for Jesus

As the month of May arrived, God used offerings from praying partners to provide for Pastor R to buy materials for food and soap supplies for dozens more families in a hungry village. When villagers heard the Pastor tell how Jesus supplied the food, they asked to hear more about this Provider. For two hours, Pastor R shared the Gospel in depth with the eager villagers. When he was done, they told him he is welcome in their village to tell about Jesus without any fear of opposition.  

Where the Gospel has not been welcome, COVID-19 has opened doors and hearts for Christ.

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