Christians Are Not Allowed To Stay

Below is an update from Pastor Ato about his hope to open doors to sharing the Gospel with the people in a neighboring state where Christians are not welcome. He shares…

I have talked with another village where there are no Christians at all. They are all of a religion very similar to animism. This time I am just planning to have a cultural exchange with them plus a feast (picnic). These people don’t allow any Christian to stay in their village even over night. I have been there several times, but I was not allowed to sleep there so every time I went there I returned to another town nearby. The place is a remote place where there is no electricity, no good road, no transportation. This time I am going there under the umbrella of a partnering church council. I have asked men’s department to get ready with our cultural songs and dances to present there. So the leaders have asked different churches to select the appropriate persons and be ready with their items.

My plan is to help them overcome their fear psychosis of Christians. By this program I want to stay in their village and sleep there for the first time and build some good relationship with them (both leaders and villagers) before I share the gospel with them. I have been waiting for their response till now. I talked with them at the beginning of this year regarding this programme. In our last meeting they agreed with me. But I want confirmation from them now, so I have been waiting their response.

Would you please pray for this program?