Carrying On… In COVID

They are a congregation with a passion for missions and are working to reach all age groups, even when restrictions make it more difficult.

Covid lockdowns and isolation cannot stop the growth of God’s work.

Although the pandemic has resulted in instability in the different ministries that have to do with the advancement of the Gospel, our missionaries in [a difficult Caribbean nation] are always looking for alternatives that [will allow] the Gospel to [continue to] advance,” said Adelphos Director for this nation, Juan.

A church led by Pastor Y in a particularly difficult Caribbean nation is a mission plant, and was formally organized in June 2019. They are a congregation with a passion for missions and are working to reach all age groups of their community, even when COVID-19 restrictions make hard work even more difficult. Here is how they are making it happen:

  • Three home cell groups meet weekly to pray, worship and hear God’s Word.
  • House-to-house visitation happens on Saturday mornings. They pray for the sick, for marriages, for new believers, and share the Gospel with everyone in the home.
  • Young adults and teens are reached through sports outreach, and also through counseling and group activities. 
  • Sunday school classes and a weekly program called “The Happy Hour” reach out to children in the community. 
  • Community work with the elderly and widows happens in practical and encouraging ways, through gifts of food and at-home help (like changing light bulbs, giving haircuts, doing laundry).

But Pastor Y and his congregation are reaching beyond their own community too. Their vision is to unite surrounding communities and plant five mission churches that will, in turn, reach other communities. They want to have a ministry center operating with a defined strategic program for training new workers.

“Our vision is to be able to unite five nearby communities in one congregation, planting five missions in those communities forming a great mission field that will open the way to reach other communities.”

Would you pray for Pastor Y, his family, and his congregation?

  • Pray for physical health and strength.
  • Pray for the completion of a chapel.
  • Ask God to provide financial, human, and material resources they need to carry out their vision.
  • Pray for them to remain faithful in the work.
  • And finally, pray for the Gospel to reach rural communities that do not have an evangelistic presence.