Caribbean Work That Cannot be Stopped

Pastor Y sees God at work in his country. His church has grown as new members come to faith in Christ & show it publicly. #CaribbeanWork

“Can any power detain the advance of God’s work? We know the answer! No power will stop the Gospel’s advance, as it is proven every day in [one Caribbean nation]. God’s workers do His work each day with effort and ingenuity. Many thanks to each of you for praying for the church in our part of the world.” Juan, Adelphos Director for this nation.

Faith Leads to Growth

Pastor Y is one of those workers seeing God’s work advance in his country. His congregation has grown to 19 members who have come to faith in Christ and been baptized. Others who attend are new converts receiving discipleship training, or are unbelievers who hear the Gospel each Sunday. During the week Pastor Y makes phone calls and visits to the homes of his church family, caring for their spiritual needs and helping meet physical needs as the Lord provides. Recently, two more souls trusted in Christ for salvation. God’s work cannot be stopped.

Caribbean Work Challenges

As the congregation grows, so does the need for space. Pastor Y’s church is in the middle of a construction project that will provide a parsonage and a meeting space. The expansion has not been without difficult challenges, though, as resources are limited and labor is in short supply due to COVID-19.

By God’s grace, and in spite of the challenges, the parsonage has a kitchen and a bathroom, a water tank for baptisms has been installed and used, a roof is up, a floor is down in the main meeting area, and a platform has been built. Slowly but steadily, the work is getting done and the congregation gets one step closer to having a place to meet together.

Would you support Pastor Y with your prayers? Please pray for —

  • new believers being discipled.
  • those faithfully hearing the Gospel that do not know Christ.
  • Pastor Y to have strength and energy to face the challenges of the ministry.
  • resources and labor needed to complete the construction of the church and parsonage.
  • Pastor Y’s wife to continue with a healthy pregnancy, and for the safe delivery of their new baby.