A Covering for the Body and a Covering for Sin

The blankets, books, and food were appreciated. Sharing the news that Jesus provided a covering (atonement) for sin was the most important.

Pastor Ajit has dedicated much of his time to love and give. He, amongst others, have been blown away by God’s blessings.

Due to the virus, Friendship Ministries has been doing school for kids in back yards. Numerous neighborhoods have begun to do their own school. These schools have been a major success by God’s grace. Usually there will be 10-15 students that show up. The kids have been able to learn traditional school material in addition to Bible material. Furthermore, they do Scripture memorization as a group.

Pastor Ajit has been astonished by God’s hand involved. Not only was school an issue, but also needs. Both children and the elderly needed blankets. Friendship Ministries had a Christmas list through Live Global. The Lord used the generous gifts of North Americans to provide 400 blankets for the people of Bangladesh. Three hundred blankets went to the children. Not only did the children receive blankets, but their schoolbooks too. Plus, slates of chalk were passed to the kids. The other hundred blankets were given to the elderly. God showed up and helped meet the needs of all. The elderly received warm food along with the blankets.

As the children and elderly were given the blankets, one last gift was shared. That is the Gospel of salvation. The blankets, books, and food were both needed and appreciated. Yet, sharing the news that Jesus has provided a covering (atonement) for sin was the most important. As blankets and food were given out, the Gospel of salvation was preached. Throughout Scripture, it shows us how Jesus lived. He did not just teach and perform miracles, but he gave. In fact, he met many people’s needs. As followers of Him, it is crucial we, too, meet the needs of others. Pastor Ajit continues to be astounded and humbled as God continues to answer prayer. Not only answer prayer but continue to reveal His glory.