A Buddhist Harvest in Hard Places

God uses relief for communities to provide Suan permission to visit church members and those who need Good News for a Buddhist harvest.

Even though the government restricts movement and people face pandemic and the military coup hardships, Suan sees God working. He’s persevering for a Buddhist harvest in the field of Myanmar.

A Buddhist Couple Accepts the Cost

People who once bowed to the Buddha now follow Jesus. Suan trains them to share the Gospel with others. As part of this training, they go out weekly to preach and share in a village. One week, they found a couple who wanted to hear more about Jesus, and they asked Suan to join them. Suan wrote to tell about the return visit to the village.

“God is so good … I went to the couple’s village and shared the Gospel with them. I also taught them what following Jesus Christ in their pure Buddhist village would be like.  The couple … decided and professed that they believe in Jesus Christ. They would follow Jesus Christ whatever the cost they may need to pay, they said that they will pay.”

A Buddhist Sister Shares the Gospel

This is not the first time Suan proclaimed Good News about Jesus to Buddhists.  In 2016 a woman who heard the Gospel decided to follow Jesus, and Suan baptized her. Her younger sister was not happy about her older sibling’s conversion. She followed Buddha, worshipping spirits and nature. “But her sister shared the Gospel with her even though she was not receptive and we have been praying for her and helped her sometimes with the food items that we bought with your helps,” Suan explains.

Last month, the woman sent word to Suan that she wanted to hear more about Jesus, the one she once despised. Suan went and shared the word of God with her. Now a 74 year old widow, she decided to follow Jesus and Suan baptized her. He says, “Thank you so much our dear partners in the ministry for your continued supports and faithful prayers.”

God Gives Permission

Suan knows it is only by God’s grace that he can continue ministry when the government restricts movement. “And because of the food supplies we give to many people,” he says, “most village security groups know me and give me access to their respective villages. We could still secretly shared the Gospel with Buddhists, have Bible studies with our Buddhist converts.” God uses relief distributed in the communities to provide Suan permission to visit his church members and those who need to hear the Good News of the Gospel.  

Pray for Suan as he shares the Gospel with others in desperate need of Good News. May God bring a Buddhist harvest during these hard times. Learn more about Suan and his wife Lyn’s ministry HERE.

  • Pray for new Buddhist and animist converts to have perseverance in following Christ. Suan says, “They are paying and may need to pay more heavy price for believing and following Christ in the future.”
  • Some new followers of Jesus asked Suan to come spend a month to teach them. He wants to go to their villages and encourage others going to work there also. His house church is praying about this with him. If it’s God’s will, he’s praying God will supply funds for the travel. You can help send Suan to the villages HERE.