A Boy God Wonderfully Saved

The little boy would spend his days locked in the hut alone. No one heard him cry; no one picked him up, until God saved him.

While exploring a new village of one of the unreached people groups in the area, one of the indigenous missionaries Live Global partners with—we’ll call him Kyaw—heard about a small boy who was always left alone for the whole day. 

The boy’s father abandoned the family when he was just a few months old, and then his mother also abandoned him, leaving the boy in the care of an old woman in the village.  

For two years, the old woman did her best to care for him but she had no way to feed herself and the boy. She locked him in her hut and left him alone each day while she went to work on the tea plantation.  The little boy would spend his days alone. He was unable to walk and just barely able to crawl. No one heard him cry; no one picked him up; no one comforted him, or even touched him for hours each day for almost two years.

He had no way to receive even a drink of water.

“Anyone Who Wants the Boy Come Take Him”

The child was reduced to skin and bones and the old woman realized that without care and help, he would likely not live. She offered him to everyone that passed through the village. “Anyone who wants the boy come take him.”

By God’s providence, no one took him until the day that Kyaw came through the village to do evangelism among that unreached people group. Kyaw’s wife, who is from that same unreached people group, came to know the Lord through the Dorcas Sewing Center. When the old woman told Kyaw about the boy, he asked to see him immediately. 

Joseph God Saved

As soon as they opened the door, the small boy greeted him with a big smile. Kyaw did not even hesitate a second. He crossed the small room, picked up the boy, and took him back to the mission station. He and his wife just had their first child so they were not able to keep the boy, but the team leader Kim Tang and his wife gladly took the boy into their family.

They named him “Joseph God Saved” in their native language. 

“Just Like Joseph in the Bible”

Surrounded now by a loving family and a large extended family of believers, including the wife of the missionary who found him, Joseph is beginning to thrive. He will need continued therapy for his physical delays and constant love and patience for his emotional and developmental delays, but God clearly has a plan for this little boy. 

“Joseph God Saved” and his new family

Kim Tang told us, “God saved this boy out of his unreached people group and we believe Joseph will save his people, just like Joseph in the Bible”. 

How “Joseph God Saved” Is Doing Today and How You Can Help

God is the hero of this story and every story, but we all have a role to play.

Our partners who took over the care of Joseph knew that he needed specialized long-term care. This kind of special needs care is completely unavailable in their remote location where they are reaching the unreached. It was necessary to take Joseph to a city for medical evaluation and permanent special needs care. This was a heart-breaking decision for our partners, Joseph’s adoptive parents, but one that was absolutely necessary for Joseph’s development and health.

In September of 2022, God led our partners to a wonderful faith based long term care facility where Joseph will have long term care among other children who are developmentally delayed.

This center requires a onetime deposit of $1200 USD to cover any medical needs for Joseph that might arise in the near future. They also ask that he have a one-on-one staff aid for three months at a cost of $150 per month.

This person will be dedicated to help Joseph adjust to his new surroundings.

You can help Joseph get settled in his new home.

Big brothers feeding “Joseph God Saved”