8 Women Worshiping Jesus in Their Dark World

Their fresh updates reflect the power of God who saves and builds up under sometimes very difficult conditions.

Despite waves of violence and confusion in the Middle East, the Lord is building His kingdom! It is amazing to watch young national believers travel, serve, and share in the cities you mostly hear about in the news.

Their fresh updates reflect the power of God who saves and builds up under sometimes very difficult conditions. And the same is true for Aquila and Priscilla’s training schedule this fall.

Learning to Battle Internal and External Opposition

The first week of training for eight female students and several permanent guests was filled with much excitement, but also with many deep questions: Am I ready for full-time ministry? Are there hidden fears in me that hinder me from living God’s calling? Are there areas of unforgiveness in my life? Am I ready to respectfully set boundaries when people on the field try to manipulate me?

Since all students are women this time, the question about the value of women in God’s eyes seems to be of great importance. Female Christian fieldworkers face neglect and discrimination not only from the surrounding society, but also from believers. Therefore the healthy assurance of who they are in Christ, respected, loved and sent into the world, will determine much for their future ministry.

Taking the Risk to Go Ahead

In North Africa and the Middle East people speak about the second wave of COVID-19 and point to depressing numbers. Aquila and Priscilla have wondered, “Should we just drop a whole generation of new fieldworkers that are on fire to go full-time?” This is not an easy question. But they say they feel peace in their hearts that they should take the risk and go ahead with training up eight women, with some with extensive ministry experience, who have enrolled for their discipleship training this Fall. They come from war-torn and struggling countries. Praise God!

Prayerfully read the short bios of our new students (for their protection we can only give you their initials and will cover their eyes). Each comes with history, expectations, and vision. Each has chosen a way and ministry of challenges and countless obstacles. For sure they need your prayers.

E. F.

(E.F. comes with a diploma in Christian Psychology and a special training for the ministry among drug addicted people.) I’ve been mostly working among young people who live in despair. In our country people on the fringes of society usually have nobody who would take the time to listen to them. Since my two kids are grown up, I feel the calling from God to go full-time into this ministry. I hope that the training and the local team will give me the needed framework for ministry.

M. M.

I love children very much. At Sunday school I teach the kids whose ages are 9 and 10. I want to get out of my narrow box which is Sunday school. I just teach a lesson, pray with the kids, and leave. I want to disciple many kids inside and outside the church. I would love to help them to discover their God-given talents. I believe that they can make a big difference even at young age. The training will be for me a new beginning to walk with God according to His plans for my life. I don’t want to be just a Sunday school teacher, but I want to be part of a powerful movement.

R. G.

I am originally from [a city written about in the Scriptures]. That might tell you something already. My life vision is to share the Gospel with as many people as possible, making visits to private homes and talking with them personally, joining outreaches among the youth, and of course, using my voice to worship the Lord in groups. So, I want to participate in this training to be well equipped to do that.

M. E.

I’m now 25 years old. In 2018 I graduated from a music college. I am very active in a local Christian media ministry. Additionally, I serve as a Sunday school teacher and I also teach kids the basics of playing music. It is such an effective tool to reach the hearts of children! In the future, I want to use all my talents for this important ministry. I am dreaming of starting small groups where we can share in a deeper way about the Gospel. Full-time ministry will help me to do more things because I can entirely focus on people. I hope that the training will give me a good start.

N. I.

l am a worship leader and also serve among girls in several discipleship groups. Besides discipleship training, we give our young women psychological support. That is much needed in my country. To reach out to often discriminated against and isolated women we organize “Reading Rooms for Girls.” My life vision is to help as many young women in our country as possible to develop a healthy self image according to the Bible. I know that I will be confronted with many challenges when trying to help a young woman to be set free. But I trust in our strong Savior.

F. K.

I dramatically met Jesus in November 2000 and since then I am serving Him. I predominantly minister to traumatized people and separated couples. In our country you meet many of them. I am desperate for this training and I hope it will help me to achieve my goal to be a worthy ambassador for Christ. My vision is to visit all the countries in our area to spread the Word of God. I usually ask everyone I meet if they want to be reconciled with God.

D. N.

I am [from a Middle Eastern country] and I met Jesus when I was 13. My desire is to teach kids about Jesus Christ and His salvation. I want to learn about Him more and more. My vision is to have a protected place to teach refugee children and to develop their skills. I also want to create women’s groups where I can teach about Jesus and His new culture so they would receive the salvation of Christ and also be able to have a healthy family life.

W. N.

I met the Lord when I was 9 years old in an Evangelical church in the area of B.T. Meeting the Lord was such a big and beautiful thing! My life changed much. I turned my back to all the norms and customs that I had lived in with my family. My goal is to share the Gospel with the world and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful that my family members all believe in my vision. I really want to learn more about how to deal with people, how to deliver the Good News to secular people, and how to spread the love of Christ. I want to worship Him in a dark world and I have the vision some day to move from one place to another to just spread the Gospel.

The daily training for these young women will take place from October through December. To make this school happen in a safe and protected environment we will need a minimum of $6,000 for three months of daily catering for students and faculty, and $3,600 for renting three apartments and the training facility. This is an investment for the kingdom in Middle Eastern and North African countries for the next decades. Would you prayerfully consider helping us financially to train, equip and mentor Arabic leaders for the church of tomorrow?