Video: Burmese 6-Year-Old Learns English

From a Christian perspective, it is so important for Burmese children to learn English. Why?

English is the “Language of Success”

First, English is what the Burmese call the “Language of Success.” If someone in Myanmar knows how to speak, read, and write English, more opportunities for education and jobs are open to them—especially education and jobs in the United States.

Most Christian Resources Published in English

Second, English is the language most Christian resources are published in. If a Burmese believer wants to grow in their faith and knowledge of the Scriptures through commentaries, systematic theologies, and so on, they must first learn English to be able to access these resources.

Why Learn English as a Six-Year-Old?

Kids learn languages way faster and easier than adults do. It’s amazing how their brains work at that age! That’s why Hope International School in Myanmar makes learning English priority number two, just after learning the gospel.

Want to see how this six-year-old does at learning some new sentences and vocabulary in English?

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