5 Ways to Pray for Theological Education Around the World

In many countries, even vocational pastors have less than a week’s worth of theological training. Through prayer, every believer can make a difference for men and women getting their theological education around the world.

Please Pray!

“Please pray for us.” That phrase jumps off the page as we read letters from our partners Sangpi and Kimpi in Myanmar. The brothers direct Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in two different locations in the country. The college and seminary were founded by their father Dr. Do Suan Mung in 1986. A recent update from the brothers reminds us of the need to pray about theological education in challenging places.

We in North America may take opportunities for biblical and theological education for granted. We have a variety of options to choose from; however, that is not the case in many parts of the world. There may be few options available to pastors and others called to Christian ministry, and both students and teachers must overcome huge obstacles. In many countries, even vocational pastors have less than a week’s worth of theological training.

But, every believer can make a difference for men and women getting their theological education around the world.

The overall goal is worthy of great effort and sacrifice. As Kimpi writes, “Pray that the Lord would bring men and women whom he has called and that they would be sharpened and molded to the likeness of Christ.”

Here are 5 ways to pray for theological education around the world:

1. Pray for Peace

The military coup in Myanmar that began on February 1, 2021, interrupted activities for the Bible College and Seminary for two years. They are hopeful of completing the 2023-2024 academic year in just a few short weeks. In many nations studies may be impossible for short or long periods because of protests, strikes, political unrest, and warfare. Pray for God to grant a peaceful environment that allows students and teachers to work together without interruptions.

2. Pray for Health and Endurance

Both professors and students in challenging places usually have many other responsibilities in work and ministry. Their schedules are full. They may have to travel long distances for classes and stay in unfamiliar places. Subjects are often presented in long and intensive modular formats. All of this adds stress and fatigue. A health crisis or chronic illness can cause interruptions or derail study altogether. The Covid pandemic certainly caused chaos for many Bible colleges and seminaries. Pray for God to provide health and endurance for professors and students. “Please pray that we continue to remain faithful.” 

3. Pray for Finances

Quality education costs money. Books, study materials, travel costs, continuing education of faculty and administrators, buildings, maintenance, utilities, and other costs make the funding of a Bible college or seminary a daunting enterprise. Pray for the Lord to provide all that is needed by his sovereign grace. Pray for churches and individuals with financial resources to partner with educational ministries.

4. Pray for Tools

Distance education has become a primary strategy in many challenging places. Computers, cell phones, internet service, and other technological resources are important tools in remote learning. Although it is marvelous that these tools are available in so much of the world today, there are still obstacles. Electricity and internet service are often sporadic, tightly controlled, or rationed. Severe weather can destroy infrastructure, interrupting access in remote areas for long periods of time. Pray for students and teachers to have the tools they need for communication and study.

5. Pray for Transformation

Bible College and Seminary students want to learn and grow in knowledge, but they also need to learn and grow in faith and holiness. Pray that they will dig deep in God’s word and in their relationship with the Lord so that they will be more like Christ and will be spiritually fruitful. Pray for them to be ambassadors of reconciliation and messengers of salvation.

“We ask for your continued partnership with us as we continue to witness God work great and mighty things for the people of Myanmar breaking them free from the worship of their idols and fear to the glory of our Father.” 

Pray about how you can be involved in education and training by giving, serving alongside, and encouraging national partners. Read more about educational ministries here.

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