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The national partners we work with and their specific ministries
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Church Planting with Alexe

We believe God’s vision for Comani is that this town would be full of the knowledge of God, with a community of people who know God and worship Him.

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Compassion and Relief

Above-the-norm challenges for our partners’ ministries give us an opportunity to show the compassion of Jesus and provide relief.

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Sponsor a Mother Tongue Translation

A people group is a group of people who see themselves as having a common cultural identity, shared customs, common language, and traditions. A people group is “unreached” if the number of true believers in insufficient or lacks cultural standing to sustain a gospel movement. Many large populations are statistically unreached because the culture, customs,

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Soura Leader Development

Leaders reached out for Soura Leader Development (India) to partner with Live Global to strengthen the work of the gospel in their region.

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Radio Logos with Janez and Anja

The ministry of Radio Logos has purposed to share the Gospel by means of print, radio, audio recordings, video recordings, and written correspondence.

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IAMoneworld with Bo

By combining the power of the gospel with creative art and social media strategies, IAMoneworld seeks to reach the lost, using different creative means.

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Anti-Trafficking Ministry

This anti-trafficking ministry in Nepal serves girls and boys who have experienced rejection of their families and life in the Red Light District.

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Children’s Ministry Training

This project trains children’s ministry workers how to teach the Bible to kids because kids need to hear the life-changing Gospel explained clearly.

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Sponsoring Kids for School

Often, when families are short on money, they will offer their children as workers in harsh conditions. Sponsoring kids for school is a way to help.

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New Life Salon

When women get saved, they know they can’t go back to work in the red light district. New Life Salon was born out of one girl’s desire to please Jesus.

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Church Leadership Training

God is raising up pastors and church leaders all across East Asia. But their self-diagnosed primary need is for church leadership training.

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Wave: Refugee Care with Zijah

As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and refugee care.