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The national partners we work with and their specific ministries
Ministry Focus
Partner / Project

Church Planting with Raul

Raul’s vision is to see churches planted, believers discipled, and elders appointed in strategic parts of the southwest part of Romania.

Partner / Project

Nea Zoi

Motivated by Christ’s love, Nea Zoi volunteers weekly visit the red light districts of Athens, offering friendship, advice, and opportunities for change.

Partner / Project

Radio Ministry with Theo and Chrys

The Radio Ministry Cyprus desires to proclaim the truth of God’s word across a strategic geographic location for more than just an hour of listeners’ lives.

Partner / Project

Church Planting with Alexe

We believe God’s vision for Comani is that this town would be full of the knowledge of God, with a community of people who know God and worship Him.

Partner / Project

Radio Logos with Janez and Anja

The ministry of Radio Logos has purposed to share the Gospel by means of print, radio, audio recordings, video recordings, and written correspondence.

Partner / Project

New Page Ministries

After their radical conversion, Ingrid and Bo reach people in Alicante Spain and also online, through biblical counseling, hospitality and a media ministry.

Partner / Project

Wave: Refugee Care with Zijah

As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and refugee care.