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About the Ministry

Did you know that kids in Cuba don’t usually get to do nice things? They don’t have much food in their homes, and some of them have never had a nice toy. Wouldn’t it be great if we could help them have some fun this summer learning about Jesus during VBS, just like you do? 

Would your VBS sponsor a Twists and Turns VBS in Cuba so that kids like you, living in another country, can have the opportunity to learn about Jesus?

What Is God Doing?

In many places of the world, there are people from that country who love Jesus and want others to love him too. This is true in Cuba! Cuba is an Island country, not too far off the coast of Florida. Our friend, Rhode, has lived there her whole life. God saved her from her sin through Jesus and has given Rhode the desire to teach other Christians in Cuba how to teach the Bible to kids!

There are so many church leaders in Cuba eager to learn from Rhode and her team how to better explain the truths of God’s Word to kids in their country. Right now, Rhode thinks 200 Cuban churches could run a Twists and Turns VBS this summer, and they’re asking you to join in!

Why Twist and Turns VBS?

In April, Cuban partner Rhode and a few members of her Reaching Generations Training Team had the opportunity to receive training in the 2023 Lifeway VBS materials “Twists and Turns.” Following the training, Rhode and her teammates decided to try to duplicate the training through an online platform with the hopes that other Cuban churches could have access to the VBS training. They offered the training and the digital materials to their Cuban church network and the interest was far beyond what they could have ever expected. 200 churches were interested in being trained!

In Cuba, steady and reliable electricity and Internet access is a huge problem, but Rhode and her team decided to try to train as many churches as possible regardless of these variables. As a result, 180 churches successfully received the online VBS training and of those churches, more than 130 have committed to doing the “Twists and Turns” VBS this summer.

How Your Church Can Help

Rhode and her team would love to offer some much-needed help to those churches who have successfully been trained and have made the commitment of doing the “Twists and Turns” VBS. Many of these churches will be doing their VBS with little to no resources. When asked what the churches need, Rhode said, “We would love to provide the churches with funds to purchase snacks and craft supplies for their week of VBS.”

In total, Rhode and her team is calculating that the trained VBS leaders will have the opportunity to do VBS in 200 Cuban churches this summer and each church needs approximately $50 for their snacks and craft supplies for one week of VBS. The grand total we are hoping to raise for this Cuban VBS initiative is $10,000.

How many Cuban children will hear the Gospel this summer if we can help to provide snacks and craft materials for their local churches? Only the Lord knows. Please pray about giving toward our Cuban VBS initiative.

Meet the Director: Rhode


Rhode was raised in a Christian home in Cuba, where love and care for children was a priority. When she was presented in the church as a child, Rhode’s mother says that they said, “Take this child, Lord, we give her to you so that you can do with her whatever you want.”

From there, God guided Rhode and saved her as a child. Rhode has faithfully served the Lord ever since.

Rhode says, “The vision I have for the children in Cuba is a generation reached through the gospel of Christ, effectively taught the Word of God, and rightly guided to a life of Christian service. I envision a generation growing up in Cuba with a different approach to their relationship with God… for me this includes helping with the church’s vision as it relates to ministry to children, integrally training leaders and teachers to effectively teach the Word of God beyond religious formalism or entertainment for children.”

Funding Priorities

Sponsor a church's VBS supplies - $50

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the Cuban churches as they seek to faithfully reach their community
  • Pray that God would use these VBS outreaches to engage the next generation with the Gospel