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About the Ministry

Alexander Abramov and his ministry team provide hope, training, and encouragement to churches of Ukraine by conducting theological seminars across the country. In wartime, Alex continues his ministry of teaching and encouragement using technology. His deep understanding of Russia and Ukraine helps him to serve as a bridge and to teach God’s Word in a sensitive eand insightful way. Alex presents theological, biblical topics, helping leaders apply them to the needs of their communities. Alex especially desires to reach churches in small, rural areas, where access to seminary education is not as prevalent. North American support and partnership will help Alexander continue to uplift Ukrainian churches in dire need of teaching and encouragement.

Meet the Leader: Alexander Abramov

Alexander Abramov

Alex was born in Russia and raised in a Christian home, where he heard the gospel from a young age. He trusted Christ in his youth.

Alex’s passion has been theological education and so he taught at a seminary in Ukraine for many years. But as the number of seminaries grew in the country, his began to see a decline in students. So, Alex and one other seminary professor began his ministry conducting theological seminars across Ukraine as a way to bring the teaching to those who wouldn’t otherwise attend seminary. With his combined understanding of Russia and Ukraine, Alex is uniquely qualified to come alongside Ukrainian pastors and leaders to equip and encourage them. He has a special passionn for engaging churches and individual believers in prayer.

Alex is married to Luba, who leads another Live Global project in the Ukraine.

Funding Priorities

Suppot Alex's ministry of strengthening Ukrainian pastors - $50
Help authors - $100
Bicycle for person in rural ukraine - $150
Help provide heat for homes - $100

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for God to provide the funding for Alex to be able to connect with Ukrainian pastors and leaders most in need of encouragement and equipping
  • Ask God to create opportunities in North America for Alex to share about how God has grown the church in Ukraine and how we can pray now
  • Pray for God to raise up more men and women in the Ukraine with sound doctrine and insight to minister to those hurting in a time of crisis

Recent Updates

Theological Training in Wartime

Seminary leaders & teachers carry on their work remotely. The seminary family prays & encourages each other in online chapel services.

Sowing Seeds in Springtime

Spring arrived in Ukraine and Alex and Luba praise God for the beauty of nature in their part of the world. They're sowing seeds for…

“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11).