Soura Leader Development

Soura Leader Development


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About the Ministry

After decades of relative isolation, the Soura people reached out to Live Global through a relationship with a national partner. Early in the 20th century, the gospel came to this people group of India by way of a Canadian missionary.

Before the 21st century arrived, a full Bible translation was completed. During that time period, faith in Christ spread to small congregations across the hill country. In this predominantly Hindu region, approximately 40 pastors each lead many churches. Generally isolated from outside resources, leaders have come together in an organized way, though without opportunity for training and development to advance the multiplication of churches and growth of disciples.

The leaders of the Soura churches have reached out to partner with Live Global to resource and develop the ministry of the Gospel as a light in this dark region of South Asia. Training will take place in areas such as God’s design for the family, theology, expository preaching, ministry to children, women’s ministry, and leadership.

Funding Priorities

Health Awareness and Checkup for 1 Leader - $55
Transportation of relief supplies to centers - $265
Relief food & hygiene supplies for 20 families - $53
Sanitary Kit bags for women - $198

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for those men who lead congregations throughout the Soura homeland to have unity as a group.
  • Ask God to give understanding to those teaching and modeling His word in churches.
  • Pray for the pastors of Soura churches as they mentor younger men to learn to lead.
  • Pray for the women as they seek to learn what God’s plans are for them in their churches and homes.
  • Ask God to provide government favor for this group as they live in a land where false gods are worshiped.

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“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.” (Isaiah 9:2 – ESV)