Outreach in Slums and Universities with Paul and Hannah

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About the Ministry

Outreach in Slums and Universities began as simple Bible studies among university students in the city. The leader of this ministry, Dr. Paul, would also take the students on outreach trips to the slums to practice sharing their faith.

As university kids and people from the slums have come to Christ, many of them now lead their own ministries throughout the city. From a music academy, to church planters training, to intense two-year discipleship programs, to coffee chop chats, this Delhi university ministry is growing because of the Lord’s faithfulness to answer prayer. Read Paul’s full testimony.

Meet the Leader: Paul (pseudonym)

Dr. Paul was a highly-educated medical doctor in India. But when he went back school for further study, he was stopped in his tracks when he saw the tremendous need and opportunity to engage university students in discussions of faith. During this time, God also gave Paul compassion for people in slums, which are often located right next to prestigious universities.

Paul is a dynamic evangelist and apologist. Together with his wife, Hannah, he is now devoted full-time to developing Bible studies, discipling university students, and training them to share their faith among the people in slums and all throughout India.

Funding Priorities

Motorcycles for rural pastors - $1500
Help rural pastors get training - $550
Laptop for administration - $500
Relief supplies for slum families without work - $25
Set Up Costs for Ashmita - $100
- $

Prayer Requests

  • Pray the Lord protects the slum kids and that the begin to follow Jesus.
  • Pray for new believers to grow in knowing and loving Jesus.
  • Pray for wisdom with what outreach opportunities to pursue.

Recent Updates

We have not ceased to pray for you, [that you] walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. (Colossians 1:10)