Radio Ministry with Theo and Chrys


Make a Difference

About the Ministry

This radio ministry on Cyprus desires to teach the truth of God’s word for more than just an hour of the listener’s lives. They desire to make the “Good News” available in every car, in every house, and to every person on the island. This ministry sends out the gospel from a strategic location in the Mediterranean. The arc formed by Turkey, Israel, and North Africa around Cyprus creates a unique position for proclaiming God’s truth. This ministry is urgently looking for partners who will join them to continue the broadcast throughout Cyprus, especially those who share the same vision.

Meet the Leaders: Theo and Chrys (pseudonym)

Both Theo and Chrys were raised in evangelical homes and both were very active in outreach as young adults. They met while serving on an evangelistic outreach team, traveling around Greece to share the gospel through singing and sharing about Jesus Christ.

After marriage, they both graduated from the Greek Bible Institute  and eventually moved to Cyprus (where Chrys is from). They entered pastoral ministry for many years before God redirected them to launch a radio ministry across the island of Cyprus. Theo and Chrys have four adult children.

Funding Priorities

Car Fund - $100
Support reading New Testament in Turkish - $1000
Sponsor a Gospel Program for Kids (Adventures in Odyssey) - $100
Sponsor the Focus on the Family Program - $250
Sponsor the Morning Devotional Program - $210
Adopt a transmitter to help reach everyone - $

Prayer Requests

  • That God would lead people who are ready to receive Christ to  listen to the radio station at the right time to hear the Gospel.
  • That God would provide the station with the funds and personnel they need to keep operating.
  • That God would protect everyone involved with the radio station as they serve, given the religious and political climate of the area.

Recent Updates

Listening to Find Hope

Every day people in the Mediterranean listen for hope. In Cyprus they find hope through Christian radio for their grief, loss, and needs.

Sharing Good News in Bad Times

Resources have always been limited on Cyprus, so the relationship with the mainland has always been important. But a view to the governments and economies…

“Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you.” (2 Thessalonians 3:1)