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About the Ministry

Rania sees physical needs as open doors to show the love of Christ, with a long view to sharing the Gospel of the true God.  Those living in her city along the desert river number over half a million. The urban area is home to nearly a million people.

In the 6th century, Nubian people converted to Christianity, until Islamization began and virtually all of the people group followed the majority religion. Today, animistic beliefs mingle with Islamic practices. Family honor and roles are important to these families. A lack of health care, education, and basic supplies make life difficult, especially for women and girls.

Rania focuses on building relationships with women in villages along the life-giving North African river and on helping the local church see their role in outreach. Her hospitable spirit opens doors in her own city and around the region where her heart language, cultural understanding, and spiritual gifts connect with people walking in darkness. God uses Rania’s heart for Gospel outreach to strengthen the local church and give hope in His name to vulnerable people in the Middle East.

Meet the Leader: Rania (pseudonym)


Rania is a second-generation believer with a burden to see believers and churches have a heart for outreach in Jesus’ name. Her solo ministry began with women in Majority-religion villages along the great river of North Africa and in dark city areas gripped by witchcraft and drug use. To minister to these people and help the local church understand God’s call to be salt and light, she sought more training and team support.

Rania spent time in 2019 being trained by spiritual mentors through the Desert Training Center. Her leader said, “Even today, wherever you go in the Middle East, you meet strong and committed Egyptians who help build the local church. Since ancient times the nation on the Nile has been the spiritual key to all other peoples in the area.”

After a six-month internship, Rania was sent out to advance Gospel outreach in her nation that is a key to the peoples of the area. With the support and encouragement of a larger team, she went to work. This led to her partnership with Live Global, which began in 2021.

Rania has a passion for seeing believers reach out to those walking in darkness, using needs for compassion as open doors. She wants to see other Christians, including young adults, understand and share this vision for outreach. She has a passion to engage the local church in understanding the potential of responding to physical needs to share the love of Jesus. As Rania builds relationships with women in the villages and cities, taking teenagers and young adults with her on outreach projects, she trains emergent leaders and shares her vision to see the gospel penetrate the darkest of places.

Funding Priorities

Give to Rania's ministry on the OM Ship Logos Hope - $50
Help Rania serve refugees in Majority communities - $50
Encourage Rania with a gift to her personal support - $

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for God’s protection as Rania travels across the region, often alone, in a variety of vehicles & situations.
  • Ask God to create natural conversations for Rania to share the Gospel with people in this region.
  • Pray for wisdom and insight for Rania as she builds relationships with women in villages and in the city.
  • Ask God to help local churches to understand the priority for outreach into spiritual darkness.
  • Pray for encouragement for Rania as she ministers in heavy places and circumstances.

Recent Updates

Few Workers in Far Places

Few workers go to cities like those where Rania lives and serves. Now, she's using her experience to share gospel resources onboard ship.

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.”
(Isaiah 9:2)