Orphan Rescue & Care

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About the Ministry

Because we live in a broken world, God has sent his church to give help and hope to those who are suffering. No one suffers more from this brokenness than an abandoned child.  The Help and Hope Fund equips local churches in the world’s hardest places to rescue abandoned and Christ-less children. When possible, the causes of abandonment are prevented, eliminating the need for children to be rescued.

Help and Hope in the Caribbean

In the impoverished countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Believing families are granted funds to start a small business, providing the financial means for rescuing two abandoned children into their homes. While orphanages provide safety, a loving home is better than a safe orphanage. This one-time investment into a small business is far more cost effective than an orphanage, and it is family focused, giving children a loving home where both their physical and spiritual needs are met.

Help and Hope in Asia

In the closed parts of Asia, the crisis of at-risk children is tremendous. Extreme poverty caused by an oppressive caste system has created a culture of desperation in people known as the Untouchable. Often prostitution, trafficking one’s own children, and begging are their only means of survival. The crisis is made worse by an overwhelming spiritual darkness. Due to cultural restraints, prevention is emphasized over individual rescues.  In the Untouchable caste it is impossible to own a business because no one would visit it, and government restrictions only allow for abandoned children to be placed in sanctioned institutions.

Gifts to the Help and Hope Fund are used to break the cycle of poverty, trafficking, and darkness in Asia by purchasing land for Untouchables to farm. Local churches equipped with farmland develop relationships with Untouchable families, allowing them to raise their own food while hearing the Good News.