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About the Ministry

Kimpi knows that God desires to use him in his native country of Myanmar to be a voice that proclaims the truth and hope written in the Bible. Kimpi plans to focus his ministry on a few key areas: Yangon, Tedim, and Khai-Kam. Kimpi is teaching at the Bible college and seminary his Dad founded (with campuses in Yangon and Tedim).

Kimpi also serves Myanmar through evangelistic outreaches. Recently, God laid the village of Khai-Kam on his heart and after a short-term trip there, God has seen fit to begin a church in this village that is now ready to build its own building. Kimpi is serving the local pastor through encouragement and care, and also by advocating on behalf of the church project.


Current priorities:

  1. A monthly support of 300 USD is needed to be raised for each of our 2 pastors (Pastor Sunday and Pastor Son) so that we can start a new church plant in Yangon City.
  2. Restroom for LCLD (Love Center for Learning and Development) PreSchool is an essential need, especially with summer school around the corner we desperately need to have the toilets ready to be used by the beginning of April. Total Est. Cost: 4,500 USD
  3. Supporting EBC (Evangelical Baptist Conference) pastors who are in the wartorn areas.
    Needs: Rice, cooking oil, and clothing.
  4. Kimpi’s further study (PhD program in Bible and Theology at Calvary University, Kansas).
    Cost: 1800 USD per class. (5 classes a year)

Meet the Leader: Kimpi Mung

Kimpi Mung

Kimpi Mung was raised in a Godly home and went to a Bible believing church in the capital city where his uncle was a pastor. Kimpi trusted Christ during a church summer camp and God gave him an admiration and desire for ministry from a young age.

God worked in wonderful ways to allow Kimpi to study at a Bible college in the United States where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in pastoral ministry and a Master of Divinity.

Kimpi expresses his thanks to God by saying, “Born and raised in the poorest state located in one of the poorest
countries in the world, and a country where there is just a handful of believers, that He chose to call me so that I can witness and preach the Good News to my very own people is something I just can’t fathom; it just made no sense; but I guess that is why we call it “grace.”

Funding Priorities

Supporting pastors who are in the wartorn areas (Rice, cooking oil, and clothing) - $100
Sponsor one of Kimpi's education classes for his doctorate - $1800
Support for pastors of the church plant in Yangon City - $300
Restroom for preschool - $4500

Prayer Requests

  • For God to grow the church in KhaiKam
  • For God to provide the finances quickly to buy the land for the church there before monsoon season
  • For God to keep opposition away from the growing body of believers.

Recent Updates

The KhaiKam Church Project

My prayer is that the church would be able to get enough funds to deposit a down payment for the land before this coming monsoon…

“… and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone else’s foundation.” (Romans 15:20)