Biblical Counseling and Church Planting with Rodolf


Make a Difference

About the Ministry

The mission of Way of Hope Church in Korça, Albania is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ, and to serve one another. They win souls by preaching the Gospel which is the power for salvation. They influence society by living according to God’s Word. The church lives out its mission through declaring the Word of God, evangelism, discipleship, and giving biblical counseling to its members and people in their community.

Ministry Focuses

Meet the Ministry Leader: Rodolf Tahip

Rodolf Tahip

Rodolf was born and raised in Albania and grew up among his hardworking parents and his extended family as well. He heard about Jesus for the first time at 8 or 9 years old when a team of missionaries came to his neighborhood to share the Gospel. He didn’t accept Christ then but did have a desire to learn more.

When Rodolf was about 12, a friend invited him to a place called “church” and after he continued to attend, an older man explained the Gospel again to him. Rodolf had been told by his parents that he was a “good boy” but this man told him he was a sinner like other people were and he needed a Savior. Despite his nerves, Rodolf repented of his sins and trusted in Christ.

Rodolf has work experience in his father’s business and later attended a two-year Bible college. After school he came back to begin ministry and has since received further training in Biblical counseling and through a seminary in Tirana. Rodolf married Olivera in 2011 and together they have two young kids.

Funding Priorities

Support children/youth ministry for a month - $50
Support a Bible study for a month - $50
Pay a month's bills for the church plant - $300
Give toward Rodolf's personal support - $300

Prayer Requests

  • Pray the church will grow through the faithful preaching of God’s Word and biblical counseling
  • Pray the church will have financial provision to grow a children’s and youth ministry and Bible studies for men and women
  • Pray that more people will be trained to do biblical counseling through the church

“for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God.” (Acts 20:27)