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Faith Baptist Bible College and Free English Classes with Sangpi


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About the Ministry

Faith Baptist Bible College was the first theologically sound school of its kind in Myanmar. Opened in 1986, by Do Suan Mung, this Bible college has graduated thousands of high calibur students who are leading ministries, planting churches, and reaching their own people for Christ in Myanmar.

Today, Faith Baptist Bible College draws 50-100 students each school year. They receive 2 years of sound Bible and ministry training from highly qualified professors, all Myanmar nationals.

In Myanmar’s globalizing economy, speaking English proficiently is a skillset highly sought-after by employers and businesses of every kind. Not to mention, most Christian resources available in the world are written and published in English. So, for both reasons, English is one of the most important courses at the Bible College. It’s also why Sangpi (the director of Faith Baptist Bible College) began opening the campus to the community during the summers by offering free English classes that also serve as an evangelistic outreach!

Each year, more and more people sign up for these classes and they’ve seen tremendous fruit from this outreach as the Lord has blessed their efforts.

Meet the Director: Sangpi


Even though the majority religion in Myanmar is Buddhism, Sangpi was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. His father was a preacher and later the founder of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. Sangpi grew up hearing the Gospel from a young age, and he accepted Christ when he was 11 years old at a youth camp.

God continued to work in Sangpi’s life from that night, especially during a time when Sangpi experienced a year of physical illness that left him bedridden for months. Sangpi remembers praying to God and asking how he could serve Him in ministry if he continued to experience the illness. But, Sangpi told God he trusted Him and would submit to whatever plan He had for his life. God did heal Sangpi and he hasn’t experienced the sickness again. Now, Sangpi serves the Lord in full-time ministry as the Director of Faith Baptist Bible College in Tedim, Myanmar, and by teaching evangelistic English classes on campus in the summers!

Sangpi’s dream is to one day open the first Christian liberal arts college in Myanmar, so that students who are pursuing a career in the secular world can still be equipped to share their faith in their everyday lives.

Sangpi has been married to his sweet wife and partner in ministry, Khongnin, since 2017. They are blessed to have one daughter, SiamNu!

Funding Priorities

Support a professor monthly - $125
Help build the library - $500
Photocopier - $
Sound system for the chapel - $

Prayer Requests

  • That God would continue to bring students to the Bible college so that more people in Myanmar will be fully equipped to take the Gospel to the unreached in the country.
  • For God to pave the way for a Christian liberal arts school to be opened in Myanmar.
  • That God would draw many souls to Himself as they hear about Christ for the first time in their free summer English class.

Recent Updates

“For ‘everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.'” (Romans 10:13)