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Partner with nationals to reach the nations

We believe in a national-first approach to global missions

Effective Missions

Nationals know the language and culture, and they understand the true needs and opportunities where they serve.

Good Stewardship

We partner with proven leaders who already lead a high impact ministry in their own cultural context.

Access to the Unreached

National leaders have more access to unreached people groups and can unlock ministry opportunities for the North American church.

Learn about our commitment to the unreached

Meet Pastor Stephen, one of our national partners

Northeast India

Pastor Stephen and his wife use their campground for seminars, leadership training, and outreach. They are heavily involved in Gospel-driven relief work in Manipur, India, following the conflict and destruction.

Our national partners invite you to join them on mission

Get your church involved

We engage North American churches in the Great Commission by facilitating connections to national partners and their high-impact missions projects your church is passionate about.

Serve in high-impact missions

Use your gifts, training, and skills to serve under a national partner. Serve in missions while living in North America, or live overseas for missions.

Invest in eternity for national believers

Pray informed for national partners across the globe. Give to high-impact missions projects around the world.

Meet Keith, a North American Who Served through Live Global

“Training grassroots Christian workers in India was some of the most valuable time I have ever spent in ministry. Our ability to impact the kingdom through our own ministry is so limited compared to investing in others who will be able to teach others also (2 Tim. 2:2). Their zeal and commitment to the Lord, not to mention their access to places most Westerners would not be able to go, gives me great excitement about the potential fruit that the Lord will produce through the brothers and sisters we worked with.”

– Keith Sova, South Church, Michigan

Recent Articles

Global Partnership

Theological Teaching in Brazil: In Seminaries and Even On Instagram

“At this moment one of the most urgent needs of the church in Brazil is for more theological lecturers, writers, teachers, thinkers, and of course, preachers with the highest academic level and combining the passion evident in many new evangelical Christians with sound Biblical understanding.” – Diego in Brazil

Diego and his wife Ana use creative outlets (even Instagram!) to share theological teaching in Brazil.

Global Missions

“There’s No Truth There”: Buddhism to Christ

“My whole village will not be able to save me from hell when the time comes,” one 75-year old from Myanmar said. She said she had been a Buddhist nun for her whole life in search of the truth, but it was not able to set her free, because there’s no truth there.

Partner Update

Afghan Christian Shares the Ancient Path

Ilyas was in a refugee camp, surrounded by other displaced people from Afghanistan. In the camp, he could share his beloved Gospel but desired to dive into the ancient connection between God’s big story and his biblical people group. Ilyas found The Ancient Path booklet online, which helps explain that Jesus is not a Western God, and began translating it immediately to use with his fellow Afghans as He shared the Good News.


What Is 99 Adventures in the Bible’s Big Story?

If the goal of sharing Christ is for unbelievers to understand, retain, and cling to the gospel, then chronological Bible teaching as a method of evangelism seems paramount. Unbelievers will understand who the God of the Bible is and what He did when they see the whole picture painted for them. That is what Jesus did for the two men on the road to Emmaus. He explained to them the things about Himself from the Law and the prophets.
We want to help you teach the Bible chronologically to kids with our free resource 99 Adventures in the Bible’s Big Story.