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Hilltop Bible Training

God is doing something miraculous through hilltop Bible Training in Northern India. He's using a young, well-trained national leader to train other young nationals. From an unfinished campus at the top of a dirt road through the forest, next-generation leaders are learning to impact their region with the Gospel.

On a map of unreached people groups (UPGs), John works to reach the next generation in an area surrounded by red dots, indicating UPGs. But within the region of red, John's town has a rare, established church and community of believers. They know that, "To whom much is given, much is required," ( Luke 12:48). They see the potential to impact their own state and to reach far beyond it. With that in mind, John helped start a Bible college with a "goal to train men and women for lifelong, faithful ministry." They call it POTS: Pastoral Outreach Training School.

Home Countries of Bible Students

Some students come from the small, immediate Christian community, but many others come out of the UPG-soaked region. This includes other parts of India, as well as nearby Myanmar. God has allowed young men and women to be extracted from the grip of the military junta to be embedded in a setting for Biblical training. The gathering of students in this place at this time is nothing short of miraculous.

"These students are young and have given up their lives for the Gospel of Jesus Christ." - John Hangsing

The Hilltop Bible Training Program

Established in July of 2022, the newly formed Bible college is structured to offer bachelor's and master's degree programs in a three-year format. The first students at the Hilltop Bible Training range between ages 17 - 28 and come with little more than a passion for serving their Heavenly Father. To learn here, life looks a little different.

How to Help POTS - Hilltop Bible Training

The next generation of leaders trained in the Hilltop Bible Training of POTS will go out with the Gospel into the "red dots" of unreached places and peoples. Would you pray about helping John to train men and women for lifelong ministries in hard-to-reach places? Learn more about John's ministry vision here.


In his ministry, John will prayerfully reach the young, teach the church, and care for the needy in a gospel destitute culture.

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  • Pray for John as he communicates needs and opportunities for the gospel in his home country of India with churches and individuals in North America.
  • Ask God to develop lasting connections and relationships with North American churches with a vision to partner in the ministry.
  • Pray for John to have insight and wisdom to understand the unique needs of India's youth, churches, and vulnerable people during COVID.
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