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An Early Morning Knock at the Door

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It was a blessed Sunday morning as I was preparing for a full day of worshiping and serving the Lord. I heard a knock on my door as my little sister summoned me telling me that an elderly lady was looking for me. I was unsure who it was thinking it was still early in the morning for a visitor. Yet, here in north-east India, it is an accepted cultural norm to visit as early as 6 or 7 am.

As I approached her sitting in the verandah (front porch), there sat an elderly widow whom I have known for many years. She has been a widow for decades now, yet persistent in her faith and determination to raise her family. As I greeted her saying, “damjel mo Pi?” meaning how are you Pi (as respectful term for elderly ladies); she started pouring her heart out.

With much pain and sadness, she exclaimed that misfortunes after misfortunes have befallen upon her. The most recent one was that one of her sons had a serious medical condition and that she was out of funds even for treatment and medicine. She also sadly exclaimed that her other son has been into drugs and his future seemed bleak and hopeless. She went further to say that she felt desperate and helpless which is why she came running to me for help.

At that moment, I thought in my mind, “what a way to start a Sunday morning” and James 1:27 surfaced to my conscience which says, “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this; to visit the orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world” So, the Lord laid in my heart to help her out with some money and even lay hands and pray over her. After I prayed for her, she left with tears in her eyes exclaiming her gratitude and joy.

This sweet encounter struck me with two thoughts: 1) Though young and unworthy, the Lord entrusted the care of this widow to me for that morning and I felt blessed for such a divine assignment 2) There is joy and meaning in helping the oppressed and marginalized and the Lord wants us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

Weekly House Visits

September-October house visits is in full swing as our staff is planning in visiting 130 houses in our church and community. We meet 2-3 times a week every night to pray, sing and encourage one another. We are praying that this will bring great encourage for both our active and inactive members.

Partner's Needs

Project Educate & Empower: Please pray about sponsoring a student at our Mission School, Dayspring Academy with $10 a month which covers  their monthly tuition and some some money for refreshments. With this, you are empowering an underprivileged kid to get education at a Christian school and also providing employment opportunities for the teachers.  

Water Project: Our Bible College is in desperate need of a permanent water solution as our means as of now is rain-water harvesting, transported barrels(in picture) and going down the hill to the lake. I am looking to raise $3000 to dig a borewell which will provide 24 hour water supply for our staff & students. Please have this in your prayers. 

Pastoral Training School: We are praying for a more funds to develop infrastructure, library and provide scholarship to struggling students from poor backgrounds. With $30 a month, you can cover the expenses of one student for housing and tuition. With $200 a month, you can help us pay/hire a lecturer as there is a growing need.


In his ministry, John will prayerfully reach the young, teach the church, and care for the needy in a gospel destitute culture.

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Make a Difference

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Icon for Help with compassion for persecuted believers Help with compassion for persecuted believers - $50 Give Now »
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  • Pray for John as he communicates needs and opportunities for the gospel in his home country of India with churches and individuals in North America.
  • Ask God to develop lasting connections and relationships with North American churches with a vision to partner in the ministry.
  • Pray for John to have insight and wisdom to understand the unique needs of India's youth, churches, and vulnerable people during COVID.
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