Samara’s Dream for a Beauty School

beauty school

Samara—our sister in Christ who was a former prostitute—has a vision to help other women get out of the sex trafficking industry. After Samara experienced the life-changing power of the gospel in her own life, she couldn’t help but desire for more girls to know Jesus and know purity.

Read Samara’s full testimony here.

Samara Gets Trained at Beauty School

Through God’s mighty blessing and with the help of prayer warriors and faithful supporters like you, Samara was able to go to cosmetology school for six months. There she learned valuable skills that will help her make a living for many years to come. She also will have the opportunity to intern at an existing salon (run by another Christian woman) for several months to learn how to run a business.

Samara also began taking classes at pastor Ebrahim’s church to learn to read and write.

All of this is so that Samara can work to help other women know Jesus and find new livelihoods outside the red light district.

A Dream for a Beauty School

After deciding to make a living by doing hair, nails, and makeup at a salon, other girls approached Samara wanting to do the same thing! So Samara’s dream for a beauty school was born. After she opens New Life Salon, which will happen soon, she hopes to begin a beauty school as well where she can help other women get trained in cosmetology so that they, too, have the ability to make a living in a Christ-honoring way. Plus, most importantly, Samrah desires a relationship with each of these women so that she can teach them the most important thing of all—the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But, like Samara, many of these women who sign up for classes at the beauty school will be under obligations to pay their families a certain amount each month. Until they have the skills to support themselves, it’s Live Global’s desire to sponsor these women for their education. The cost to sponsor one girl for school is about $85 per month. Please pray with us that God will provide a way for many girls to find a way out of the sex trafficking industry.

New Life Salon sits in the heart of the Middle East, where God is working mightily in creative ways. Sex trafficking is, sadly, rampant in this area. But God saves many women in the industry through His son, Jesus Christ.When women get saved, they know they can't go back to work in the red light district. But they still have to make money to support their families or please the person who sold them in the first place. So, New Life Salon was born out of one saved girl's desire to please Jesus while making a living doing hair and nails.Today, New Life Salon also includes a beauty school that will train other women in the sex trafficking industry to do hair and nails as well, so that they can make a living in a way that honors Christ.

Sponsor a girl to go to beauty school for one month - $85