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The Race for New Life

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Prostitution is legal in Athens, Greece. That's why hundreds of active brothels exist in that city, causing sin and shame to thrive. You can identify the brothels by the white lights above their doors. They are seemingly just as active during the day as during the night.

Brothels identified by the white light above the door

Nea Zoi ministers to women entrenched in the red light district through persistant prayer, rescues, rehabilitation, and Gospel witnessing.

The Athens Marathon

As a way to encourage Nea Zoi and raise money for their ministry, 7 people signed up to run the Athens Marathon in November 2022 alongside several others who ran the 10K. They trained, they prayed, they shared, they ran, and they medaled!

Marathon runner medals
Team Race for New Life marathon runners

Janessa Dunn was the first American across the finish line, finishing the 26.2 mile race in under 3 hours! Her twin sister Emily Dunn was the third American across the finish line! One teenage 10K runner finished 5th in the 15-18 women's age category overall and she was the first American for that age group! We are so proud of our runners who raced for new life.

Meeting Nea Zoi

Nea Zoi shared with the full team of runners and supporters the map of brothels they're praying for. They visited with ABWE president Paul and Martha Davis, and spent time building relationships with new and old friends from America. Together they went on prayer walks for the city of Athens that people trapped in the prostitution lifestyle would be given new life in Christ.

Nea Zoi team
Nea Zoi shows on the map where the brothels are located
Paul and Martha Davis, president of ABWE, meet with Nea Zoi

The Steps of Paul Tour

The team got to visit Mars Hill (the Areopagus in Athens) and one of the men from Athens Bible College read Paul's sermon from Acts 17, which Paul delivered on the same hill almost 2,000 years ago. They also traveled to the Parthenon, the Olympic stadium, and to Corinth.

Breathtaking view of Athens
Breathtaking view of Athens, Greece


Motivated by Christ’s love, Nea Zoi volunteers weekly visit the red light districts of Athens, offering friendship, advice, and opportunities for change.

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  • Ask God that He would set women free from bondage—physically and spiritually—through the ministry of Nea Zoi
  • Ask God to save women from their sin and shame through the sacrificial work of Jesus
  • Pray that God would help women learn skills needed to make a living outside of work in the red light districts of Athens
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