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About Nea Zoi

Motivated by Christ’s love, Nea Zoi volunteers weekly visit the red light districts of Athens, offering friendship, advice, and opportunities for change, believing that a relationship with a loving God is the foundation for lasting transformation.

Central to their ministry is outreach, also known as street work. Outreach teams visit four neighborhoods regularly and have contact with between 100-150 individuals each week. Following the example of the Son of Man, who came to seek and save the lost, they leave their comfortable environment to enter dark places with light in hopes of finding even one soul.

During the week, Nea Zoi welcomes women and men at our drop-in center for conversation, counseling and prayer. In the chaotic lives of individuals in prostitution, an opportunity for discussion in a peaceful space is paramount. They keep regular contact with the women and men they meet as it is essential in building solid relationships. As these grow, they offer our individuals help with laws, housing, adequate medical care, access to drug rehabilitation programs, and social rehabilitation through vocational workshops.

Nea Zoi desires to honor the local church by being dependent upon and submitted to this local expression of God’s heart. Its foundations are prayer and worship, as they recognize that the strength needed to minister the love and care the women and men need is only found through a relationship with God.

Race for New Life

In November, 2022, Live Global will bring a team to race in the Athens Marathon in Greece. The team of runners will work together to raise a goal of $250,000, which will benefit the ministry of Nea Zoi. In addition to running the marathon, runners will get to meet Nea Zoi and they'll go on a Steps of Paul tour throughout the country. If you're interested in signing up, email

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    • Ask God that He would set women free from bondage—physically and spiritually—through the ministry of Nea Zoi
    • Ask God to save women from their sin and shame through the sacrificial work of Jesus
    • Pray that God would help women learn skills needed to make a living outside of work in the red light districts of Athens
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