About Hope Children's Orphanage

Eight kids with no place to go. Two godly parents with an orphanage and a heart for the fatherless. One great God who saves.

In the outskirts of Myanmar's biggest city, eight kids who would have been forced into child labor instead get an education, warm food, loving parents, and the hope of the gospel. These eight orphans have lost one or both biological parents, but the Lord didn't leave them there.

Myanmar actually forbids international adoptions, so many Burmese Christians like Salai are stepping up to start orphanages and to take on kids who need good homes. But they typically can't do it without additional help from people like you. Foreigners can't do the adopting themselves in this country, but they can help offset living costs for those national Christians who want to help. Would you be someone who supports ministry at the Myanmar orphanage?

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Meet the Director: Salai Tun Lin

Salai Tun Lin has a passion for orphans because he grew up as one. Adopted by his uncle, Salai experienced the pain of losing a parent, but also the hope of being rescued.

God has saved Salai, and after seminary training, it is now his goal to care for these orphanage children and show them the love of their Heavenly Father by providing and caring for them as an earthly father. Now, with his wife and two biological children, he cares for eight orphans.

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