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The Greatest Joy and the Biggest Challenge

joy and challenge

It takes some navigating mountainous dirt roads and fording rivers to get to some of the villages outside of Kalaymyo, Myanmar. But in this town is a pastor named Pastor Tsang who we have been seeking to encourage by coming alongside to help construct a church building for a new church plant he is starting.

We're referring to his church—one of the three we're partnering with—as the "New Church Plant."

You can see now the foundation is laid and we are hopeful they will be able to start the building soon.

foundation laid

The pastor of this church plant is in a very difficult place to be ministering. He has faced all kinds of opposition and even some physical abuse as he has sought to minister to the people there. We asked him, “What is the greatest joy for you in your ministry in this village?” His response, simple but profound: “To share the gospel.”

Then we asked him,  “What is the biggest challenge or disappointment you face in ministry here?”  He didn’t mention some of the inconveniences of life in the village like not having electricity, or even the fact that he was spat upon or had stones thrown at him because of his ministry. Instead he replied to the question about his biggest challenge or disappointment with another simple but profound statement, “When someone rejects the gospel.”

And God is working!

We received a text message from Pastor Tsang with this picture that he wanted us to know about.

Pastor Tsang S.

Pastor Tsang is in the white tank top talking to one of the men of the village that earlier that day accepted Christ. The man was later baptized. Praise God!


Live Global has identified three churches that have rather unique circumstances and particular needs for the construction of new church buildings.

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Giving Completed
  • That God would provide the funding to rebuild physical church buildings
  • That God would open the eyes of unbelievers in these Myanmar villages to the gospel
  • For thoseleading the rebuilding efforts—for strength, intengrity, and wisdom
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