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Doubling Up for School in Haiti’s New Normal

School Haiti

Nothing has been normal in Haiti this year. When school normally starts in September in Haiti, they will already be in school. Pastor Predestin says, “The year 2019 and half of the year 2020 have been disrupted by political turmoil and then come on top with the Coronavirus pandemic.” Though disease has yet to overwhelm the island nation, this leader who cares for so many vulnerable children knows, “Despite the fact that the Coronavirus is not too severe, we must take precautions to protect children who go to school.” To care for and educate orphans and children amidst the double challenges of unrest and restrictions, My Father’s House will split the groups to make up the difference. They trust the God who loves to give a Double Portion.

Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy.

(Isaiah 61:7)

Pastor Predestin and his staff trust God to provide for the needs of 700 children in two primary schools. 200 of them are orphans receiving holistic care. In addition, they serve 250 students in a vocational school. “The biggest problem we have now is the question of space, because in normal times the space in the classrooms was already insufficient to contain the number of children we had.”

By creating a double-shift of care, all children can learn with guidance from the Ministry of Education for wearing masks, social distancing, and hand washing. These changes are now familiar to much of the world, but what does it look like in Haiti?

Doubling up in Haiti

In the midst of two crises, My Father’s House is doubling up to make the difference. God loves to provide a double portion for those left wanting in conflict and crisis. He is using Pastor Predestin and the ministry of My Father’s House to show His loving heart to provide.

Partner with My Father’s House as they double up to make up the difference.

How to Pray for a Double Portion of Provision


My Father's House Orphanage cares for 200 children in Haiti. Their mission is to "first show the kids the love of God then tell them the love of God."

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Make a Difference

Icon for School supplies for one student for one year School supplies for one student for one year - $70 Give Now »
Icon for Shoes for one child Shoes for one child - $25 Give Now »
Icon for Bedding for the orphanage (sheets, mattresses, bedframes) Bedding for the orphanage (sheets, mattresses, bedframes) - $225 Give Now »
  • For God to provide inexpensive, healthy food and enough money each day for the kids to eat healthy meals.
  • That the children would not only experience physical relief and care but spiritual relief as they confess their sins to the Lord and receive Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • That God would give Pastor Predestin and his wife wisdom as they seek the Lord in all manners related to My Father's House Orphanage.
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