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A Day in My Father's House

Several miles outside the capital of Haiti sits a packed house of kids, who have all arrived there after a sad circumstance or traumatic experience. Some of the kids lost their families in the earthquake of 2010, others have families that couldn't care for one more kid, and yet others are at My Father's House Orphanage for a different reason altogether.

No matter why they are there, we believe the Lord has sovereignly directed each child to My Father's House Orphanage to receive physical, life-saving care and to hear the Gospel even more-so. The directors of the orphanage, Pastor Pierre Predestin and his wife Amy, say that the orphanage's mission is to "first show the kids the love of God and then tell them the love of God."

My Father's House kids

200 Inside and 200 Outside

Given the poverty in Haiti and the political climate, My Father's House is truly packed. Two hundred kids call this place home, and up to two hundred more attend the primary school on the orphanage compound during the school week. Pastor Predestin says he feels called to accept this high number of children, and trust that God will provide.

One Meal a Day

Food in Haiti does not come cheaply. Because hardly any food is grown in the country, most food is imported from Miami or somewhere else in the United States. That means food costs the same as it does in the U.S., plus the additional cost of shipping. Pastor Predestin and his wife shop the sales and have committed to provide at least one meal a day for the kids.

It's not always a well-rounded meal, because sometimes the food that is available inexpensively is simply bread. Even with purchasing simple food on sale in bulk, Pastor Predestin is still spending at least $200 per day to feed every kid in the orphanage just one meal. As God provides, they spend more money to provide two meals a day.

My Father's House Kids


God Showing His Love Through Education

In addition to food and basic care, Pastor Predestin and his staff are committed to giving each child an opportunity to go to primary school. That's an incredible opportunity in Haiti. My Father's House has also just added a technical school off-site, which will be the new school for the older kids at the orphanage. This school will prepare the older students to find a job after they age out of the orphanage. In the technical trade school, they will be able to learn things like sewing, IT, computers, masonry, and construction.

Both schools will allow each child to receive spiritual input every day from the teachers there. What an incredible way for God to show His love for these kids.


My Father's House

A Committed Walk with Christ

Pastor Predestin and his wife desire that each child in their orphanage will have a committed, personal walk with Christ. To do this, the two of them spend their time largely in discipleship and relationship with the kids. The rest of the paid staff are followers of Jesus as well and between them all, we pray the Lord will use them in the kids' lives as faithful witnesses to Jesus' love and sacrifice.

Praise the Lord that many of the children have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and many of the responsible older ones are even given roles in the orphanage to grow them in leadership and maturity.


My Father's House Orphanage cares for 200 children in Haiti. Their mission is to "first show the kids the love of God then tell them the love of God."

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  • For God to provide inexpensive, healthy food and enough money each day for the kids to eat healthy meals.
  • That the children would not only experience physical relief and care but spiritual relief as they confess their sins to the Lord and receive Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • That God would give Pastor Predestin and his wife wisdom as they seek the Lord in all manners related to My Father's House Orphanage.
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