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"Nothing Will Stop Me From Believing in Jesus"

It's such a blessing when God gives a peek into salvation stories in the lives of people in people groups you've never even heard of! It's especially sweet when you've played a small role in the process. Here are three testimonies of people who have come to faith in Jesus through reading "The Ancient Path" Gospel booklet that a national believer brought and shared with them. (Note: We've left the letters unedited for their foreign language English to leave the authenticity intact.)

I'm Mrs. A A and I belong to D* people group. Due to critical issuses and various problems in my marriage life,  I went aboard avoiding those paintful life experiences just to find out it does not help. Again I tried a different method of getting away with this by being faithful in a religious works. I have been faithful to a religion called Buddhism. But this religion is incapable of helping me. 

While I have no hope, one day a woman [from a neighboring Asian country] gave me a copy of the gospel track titled "The Ancient Path" which created desire in me to know more of the man called Jesus. I then looked hard for someone who can tell me more of this man. It is such a great blessing that a man has been living here who is sharing this gospel. His name is Saya and he told me about Jesus. He told me about sin, hell, humanity, God, and that no human effort can save a sinner but Jesus is the only way. I then believe in Jesus as my Lord and Saviour who died for my sin. 

With joy I shared my testimony to my family and other people who just laughed at me and mocked me for my new faith. I was not brave enough yet to stand rather I happened to question my faith.

But finally I decided to become a christian officially and take baptism no matter what happen. Nothing will stop me from believing in Jesus. 

From Mrs. H H: I received a gift of food pack along with a little booklet titled "The Ancient Path". They (who gave me the gift of food pack) also share us something about the little book. It got my interest that can't help but search for more information about it. Sir Saya helped me know more about it. He showed me some films that shows how Jesus died for our sin. He told me and show me from the Bible that Jesus is the only Lord and Saviour. I go to him again and again to hear more about the gospel. 

Since I'm just a woman totally depending on my husband for living. This makes it difficult for me to confess that I believe in Jesus. I couldn't resist but believe in Jesus.

Sir Saya told me that there gonna be a Bible Camp nearby. Out of a burning desire to hear more, I asked my husband if he would let me attend that Bible Camp. He told me, "if you want to go, go but if you take baptism don't come back home." 

I then attended the Bible Camp. After hearing lot about God's word I could resist but be baptized no matter what happen to me. I know my husband told me to never come back if I recieved baptism. But Jesus is all to me now and He is worth living for. Though my husband leave me for believing in Jesus I would still hold onto Him.

I'm Mr. O. I belong to B* people group. I was from Buddhism. I am living in the city working in a garden of other to make a living.  One day as I went shopping, a man gave me a copy of gospel track and share to me about the gospel. It was then my first time to hear someone sharing the gospel to me. My response to the first message was Jesus is just a god of Christianity. 

Another day that same man came to my house with a gift of food pack. He explained the gospel to me again. He then kept coming again and again to share the gospel. I then began to understand that Jesus is God and that we are sinner needing a Saviour. That Saviour is no one else But Jesus who died for our sin and rose again. Over a year, I  realized  that I am a sinner in need of salvation and that Jesus is the only Saviour and God.  I keep going the man  namely Ko's house, attended Bible study, examining Jesus is real living LORD. One day after going back from Bible study I pray to God and decided to receive Him as my Lord and Savior and follow Him.

Praise God for these three new followers of Jesus! Join us in prayer for them and their families as they surely will face challenges ahead. Pray that they will always remember "the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us" (Romans 8:18).

As North Americans, even during a global pandemic, you can be involved in helping national believers like Saya and Ko reach their country and neighboring countries in Asia for Christ. You, your small group, or your church could adopt an unreached people group and be involved in the entire process, seeing it through from praying for a translator to seeing a new church planted.

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A group of indigenous evangelical leaders in Myanmar have mobilized to strategically reach unreached people groups in the country.

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  • Pray for opportunities to clearly explain the Gospel to people who do not know the creator God or His Son.
  • Pray that God will deliver these people from the bondage of idols and sin.
  • Pray for community aid to open doors into the lives of those impacted by losses and illness from Covid-19.
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