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Myanmar: Community Aid and Creative Ministry

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When Covid-19 lockdowns came to a country already suffering under a military coup, it seemed like a serious blow to the ministries of our national partners.  And yet, we have seen a recurring theme; pivot and innovate

“Pivot” means to keep a fixed point, but change the orientation or direction. 

The fixed point is the proclamation of the Gospel. Under the challenging circumstances of a coup and a health crisis, it was necessary to look for other ways to minister and to be innovative.  

A story of creative ministry

Our partner Kim Tang tells the story:

"My main ministry is Director of Missions for one area where we are reaching unreached people groups (UPGs).  I lead a team of 22 families, living in 13 mission stations.  The military coup complicated our ministry, but our area was much less disturbed than other areas in the country. In many ways, ministry carried on. 

But then the third wave of Covid hit.  All communities were put in strict lockdown and moving about the community was forbidden.  We prayed and asked God how we can still keep making contacts in our community and maintain new relationships with the UPG communities.  

God led us to apply to be community aid workers. 

Community aid and gospel proclamation

We were able with the help of donors, to purchase an old truck that we converted to a hearse—ambulance. 

Because Buddhists will only cremate—and they won’t pick up a non-Buddhist corpse with a Buddhist one, there was no way for non-Buddhists to transport bodies for burial.  We obtained permission from the local authorities to put on PPE and drive the truck around to deliver oxygen, medicine and pick up bodies for burial. 

In this way, we maintained our presence in the community, were able to make new contacts, and check on new believers and those who had talked to us about Jesus Christ in the months before. 

Live Global helps North American churches and believers share resources with national partners like Kim Tang, so they are able to innovate when serious blows occur.


A group of indigenous evangelical leaders in Myanmar have mobilized to strategically reach unreached people groups in the country.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray for opportunities to clearly explain the Gospel to people who do not know the creator God or His Son.
  • Pray that God will deliver these people from the bondage of idols and sin.
  • Pray for community aid to open doors into the lives of those impacted by losses and illness from Covid-19.
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