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22 Indigenous Missionaries Sent, 9 New Churches Formed

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2019: 22 Indigenous Missionary Families Go to the Field

In 2019 a church network in Myanmar teamed up with indigenous missions leaders to reach an entire state of Myanmar with the Gospel, especially the unreached people groups within it. Twenty-two national missionary families left their homes and relocated to establish 14 Mission Stations in the target state of Myanmar. They began by launching platforms to engage and provide a benefit to the community. You can view the video “Simple Tools” to learn more about that.

2020: Food Distribution Engages the Community

In 2020, the pandemic began to hinder ministry efforts worldwide, due to lockdowns and restrictions on groups and movement. But the initiative continued as the twenty-two missionary families continued to faithfully find ways to help (food distribution), engage the community (retrieving the bodies of the dead), and share the Gospel in conjunction with all these activities.  God blessed their efforts and people from 6-8 unreached people groups began to attend Sunday meetings and Bible Studies.

2021: Work Continues Despite Military Coup

Then in February of 2021, the military junta seized control of the country, locked up the democratically elected parliament and began a reign of terror that still continues. But even under these tragic circumstances, the work continued and these indigenous missionaries have seen over two hundred new believers baptized from unreached people groups in their target state.

In May of 2022, the first missions conference was held among this group of missions workers with 160 people attending, including children. Here, nine new churches were recognized, each organized with new believers from unreached people groups.

Please view the video “A Place for You to see how The Ancient Path Project is working with the missionaries to help new believers who are forced to leave their village, family, and home after being baptized.


A group of indigenous evangelical leaders in Myanmar have mobilized to strategically reach unreached people groups in the country.

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  • Pray for opportunities to clearly explain the Gospel to people who do not know the creator God or His Son.
  • Pray that God will deliver these people from the bondage of idols and sin.
  • Pray for community aid to open doors into the lives of those impacted by losses and illness from Covid-19.
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