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About Make a Difference

About Media & Discipleship with Samuel & Ruth

Samuel and Ruth are a dynamic couple who truly understand discipleship in our very modern times. They have raised up a team of young people to love Christ and share Him with others. This team utilizes social media platforms to share Jesus in closed nations. Currently, they have over 20k followers seeing their Gospel content in the Middle East. They often receive hateful comments on their posts, but that same person contacts them privately to learn more.

They provide a path for people who have to search for truth in secret. This media center also serves as a great way to connect locally with Majority religion people as they offer video courses to the public. God is using this couple in tremendous ways in our digital age.

Meet the Leader: Samuel and Ruth

Samuel Samuel grew up as a Coptic orthodox person. Ruth grew up in a Christian home. Their stories are a bit different, as Ruth was saved as a teenager at a youth camp. But Samuel, being in the Coptic circles, says that the priests always confused him, because he was always afraid of God’s punishment on him. At the age of 17, Samuel left this religion and just focused on work to make good money. This also led to using drugs with a friend to have a good time. This was all he cared about. Then came March 21, 2014, and Samuel’s sister needed a ride to a church event. At the event, they began to worship, and the Holy Spirit began to convict him. Samuel started to cry. Then the preacher started, and it was as if God was speaking directly to Samuel.

Steven received Christ that night and was very excited. However, he soon began to fall into the same patterns, until his sister said to him, “How are you doing this again? You are now a son of God!” So he began to pray, and he stopped this pattern to focus fully on Jesus. Now he helps others who have the same pattern of behavior, and this began his ministry. Later, he attended discipleship training and then completed seminary. Ruth has also done lots of study and received much training as well. Both Samuel and Ruth are now focused on discipling young people, so they can also make disciples all the way to the 4th generation of their family, so the pattern of following Jesus continues.
*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.

Make a Difference

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  • Protection for family doing ministry in a difficult region.
  • Spiritual growth in media center team.
  • Discernment when contacted in secret from a Majority person seeking truth.
  • Continued growth in viewership of media teams gospel centered videos.
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