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Our Partners

Our national partners are men and women we know personally. These believers are visionary leaders in their own communities, and God is using them to reach their cities, cultures, and regions for Christ.

Each national partner

  • Loves Jesus and lives a life of faith and repentance
  • Has high character and solid doctrine
  • Creatively ministers the Gospel in their cultural context
  • Has proven themselves in their ministry and work

Meet some of our partners

Josheph Akakpo

Josheph Akakpo is the Pastor of Training Families in Togo

Lydia Lydia San Lun

Lydia San Lun is the Founder of Hope International School in Yangon, Myanmar

Dr. Mung bio Dr. Do Suan Mung

Dr. Do Suan Mung is the Founder of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar

Mano Daniel Dr. Mano Daniel

Dr. Mano Daniel is the President of Faith, Prayer, and Tract League in India

Arlang Arlang

Arlang is the Director of Child and Family Prison Ministry in Thailand

Pastor Predestin and wife Amy Pierre Predestin

Pierre Predestin is the Director of My Father's House Orphanage in Haiti

silvana and nenad Nenad

Nenad is the Pastor of There Is Hope Ministries in Croatia

tungpi Tungpi

Tungpi is the Leader of Evangelizing Unreached People Groups in Myanmar

Biak and Esther Biak and Esther

Biak and Esther are the Directors of Grace English Institute and Children's Home in Myanmar


Sangpi is the Director of Faith Baptist Bible College and Free English Classes in Tedim, Myanmar

Ingrid (Bo)

Ingrid (Bo) is the Leader of IAMoneworld in Spain


João is the Leader of Training Pastors and Children's Ministry Leaders in Guyana

Mihai Chisari

Mihai Chisari is the Pastor of Imago Dei Ministries in Moldova

Joel and Magaly Villarroel

Joel and Magaly Villarroel are the Leaders of The Lighthouse Campello in Spain

Volodya Nikolaev

Volodya Nikolaev is the Director of The Church Ministries Institute in Ukraine

Alexander Abramov

Alexander Abramov is the Leader of Theological Seminars in Ukraine

Dr. Alex and Cami Vlasin

Dr. Alex and Cami Vlasin are the Leaders of Training Global Workers in Romania


Meo is the Pastor of Discipleship and Churches in The Philippines


Arron is the Pastor of Church Restoration Work in Trinidad and Tobago

Diego Araújo

Diego Araújo is the Pastor of Seminary and Theological Training in Brazil


Angelo is the Pastor of Reaching the Islands in The Philippines

Kimpi Mung

Kimpi Mung is the Leader of Church Strengthening and Outreach in Myanmar

Pablo Ramierez

Pablo Ramierez is the Pastor of Church Planting and Bible Institute in Chile

Rodolf Tahip

Rodolf Tahip is the Ministry Leader of Biblical Counseling and Church Planting in Albania

solano family Abel Solano

Abel Solano is the Pastor of Encouraging Leaders in Nicaragua

Alvaro Ramirez

Alvaro Ramirez is the Leader of Sports, Art, and Kid's Ministry in Nicaragua

Ungureanu family Christian Ungureanu

Christian Ungureanu is the Leader of Spiritual Development and Women's Ministry in Romania

Reaching the Next Generation John Hangsing

John Hangsing is the Leader of Reaching the Next Generation in India

Reaching Indian Diaspora project image Mark and Shoni

Mark and Shoni are the Leaders of Reaching the Indian Diaspora in Philippines

Pastor Philip

Pastor Philip is the Partner of Beautiful Feet Ministry in Nepal

Juan and Alejandra Juan Carlos Escobar

Juan Carlos Escobar is the Pastor of Church Planting and Christian School in Paraguay


Rania is the Leader of Outreach in the Middle East in Egypt

Ramon Garcia Ramon Garcia

Ramon Garcia is the Pastor of Reaching Haitian Immigrants in Dominican Republic

Philip Ninan

Philip Ninan is the Director of Heritage Ministries in India

Rhode Rhode

Rhode is the Director of Reaching Generations in Cuba

alex and luba Luba Abramova

Luba Abramova is the Director of Women's Center in Ukraine


Malik is the Leader of Youth Outreach in Middle East

raul and family Raul Costea

Raul Costea is the Pastor of Church Planting with Raul in Romania


Julio is the Director of Church Planting in the Caribbean in Chile

Theo and Chrys

Theo and Chrys are the Leaders of Radio Ministry in Cyprus

Kim Tang

Kim Tang is the Leader of Mobilizing to Unreached People Groups in Myanmar


Jacob is the Founder and Leader of Witness Ministries in Bangladesh

Suan and Lyn

Suan and Lyn are the Leaders of Reaching Rural Burmese in Myanmar

Georgey V.

Georgey V. is the Executive Director of New Life Ministries in India


Kamran is the Pastor of Ministry to Pakistanis in Australia


Bair is the Pastor of New Hope Nepal in Nepal

Pastor Prashant

Pastor Prashant is the Executive Director of Empowering Churches and Impacting Communities in India

Alexe Costea

Alexe Costea is the Leader of Church Planting with Alexe in Romania

Sagar and Nina

Sagar and Nina is the Leader of International Student Ministry in Ukraine

Sajan and Mary

Sajan and Mary are the Leaders of Strengthening Local Pastors in Asia Mountains

Leandro and Bogi

Leandro and Bogi are the church planters of Church Planting in Hungary

Bubu and Bahiti

Bubu and Bahiti are the Leaders of Discipling Believers in North Africa

Zijah and Lorena

Zijah and Lorena are the Leaders of Wave: Refugee Care, Education, and Outreach in Bosnia

Bijaya and Bimala

Bijaya and Bimala are the Leaders of Evangelism to Remote Villages in Nepal


Paul is the Leader of Outreach in Slums and Universities in North India

For security reasons, we have omitted pictures and changed names of partners in dangerous locations.