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Leadership and Refugees with Robin and Salina

Middle East
Leadership and Refugees in Middle East
About Make a Difference

About Leadership and Refugees with Robin and Salina

The gospel is going out into Syrian refugee communities through compassionate care and trusting relationships. This passionate couple understands the languages and cultures of the Middle East. Together, they use their perspective to serve refugees and displaced Majority communities within the region in a near neighbor country.

As two gifted leaders, Robin and Salina engage and equip other cultural insiders to build and mobilize teams for sharing the hope of the gospel through relational ministry. Their leadership extends the reach of the Good News to the lost, disciples young believers, and plants new fellowships.

Meet the Ministry Leaders: Robin and Salina

Robin was born into an Egyptian Christian family, but he felt like the lives of believers were empty. Looking for life outside the church, he wondered, "What is the meaning of this life?" He wondered if life was worth living at all. A friend invited Robin to attend a Christian conference; he agreed to go if he didn't have to attend sessions or hear about God. His friend agreed, and Robin says, "That provoked me to go." He saw joyful people worshipping God. "I realized that these people have the joy I never experienced in my life." Robin kept searching, asking God to show him the way to meaningful life. "God took me by hand on a journey to know him. He is great."

Robin has grown into an influencer of others searching for life's meaning. His skill in language and in teaching God's word are resources in ministering to Syrian refugee communities. Now, Robin and his wife Salina help mobilize Egyptian believers to reach out to those seeking life's meaning.

Salina was raised in an Orthodox Coptic background. She didn’t know a lot about Jesus or have a good image of God as a father. "When I look back at the time before Jesus gave me new life, I can only say that Islamic culture and understanding of life had a strong grip on everything I did and thought. This included my view of God, how I saw myself, how I understood my self-value and my rights." A friend arranged a meeting with two ladies who told Salina about the Good Shepherd—this was the first step to believing in Jesus. Salina attended a Christian conference with her friend and sought healing with her father. "This was the second step to put my trust in Jesus as my Savior." Salina says, "I realized that Jesus is the most wonderful engineer that can draw plans for my life, and I put my trust in Him!" Her warmth and strength help others open their hearts as she works alongside Robin.

Robin and Salina both attended Kairos training to learn to mobilize the church to reach out to people in the Middle East.
*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.

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  • Pray for discernment as Robin and Salina work with communities of people with great needs.
  • Ask God to create trusting relationships that turn to spiritual conversations.
  • Pray that God would guide Robin and Salina to be godly parents for their daughter.
  • Ask God to open the eyes and hearts of Majority people seeking meaning in life after war and conflict.
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