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COVID-19: 3 Communities God Sees

Communities COVID-19

Across the city of 14 million, people bow to motionless idols in hope of a response to their suffering from COVID-19.  Movement restrictions keep daily workers from their labors that would otherwise pay for food today or tomorrow. Without a government issued ration card, these daily workers have no access to essentials like rice, oil, or lentils, let alone hygiene items critical to stopping the spread of the virus.

One community mainly comprised of day laborers is familiar with the followers of Jesus who began a daughter church. They’ve also been hit personally by the virus. Their idols stand by without seeing or answering.

The community approached the local pastor to ask for help. He serves El Roi—the God who sees. He serves Jehovah Jireh—the God who provides.  He serves Jehovah Rapha—the God who heals.

Some communities know the true God sees their needs and answers. Another neighborhood impacted by the pandemic knows the people of a local congregation who established a pre-school in their area just before COVID-19 became known to all. More than 100 families there now live with needs for the basic daily combination of rice, oil, and lentils.

COVID-19 has opened the door for millions to discover a radical truth: “Consider the birds of the sky: They don’t sow or reap or gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren’t you worth more than they?” (Matthew 6:26)

Yes, the people of these three villages are worth even more than the birds of the sky. The Indian church planters are on the front lines of feeding people physically and spiritually. The average cost to feed 100 families for ten days is $500. That includes 5 KG of rice, cooking oil, lentils, and some potatoes. The basics.

3 Communities in COVID-19

Would you partner with national leaders as they minister to these three communities experiencing pressing needs?

10 families can be fed for ten days for $50.

El Roi sees these needs, has the power to provide, and is able to heal. Would you join in God’s movement to provide in these communities?


God has worked through Kolkata Christian Fellowship to grow over 2,000 churches in North India. The network ministers to those in need with lasting hope.

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  • Pray for the children of the prostitutes. Ask for salvation and protection.
  • Pray that the new transformational center will be built quickly and engage many hurting people.
  • Pray for continued safety and wisdom for this church that is loving their community.
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