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Children with Special Needs: Ready, Set, Shine

Children with Special Needs

When Pastor Nilav’s church found a school building to rent, God was getting them ready for something more. It was part of His plan to shine the light of the Gospel to families in Kolkata and beyond. These families have children with special needs.

Ready to Meet the Needs

Pastor Nilav leads one of the Kolkata Christian Fellowship (KCF) campuses. Part of the KCF pastoral team since 2010, Nilav began leadership of his campus in 2016. He has a passion to reach Bengali people in the urban context. The fellowship met in a rented school building, where the approach included a resource for children with special needs. Rare in India, over 100 families enrolled their students at the school building where the church gathered.

Set to Serve Children With Special Needs

God ordained a special relationship for KCF and the school. As Christians and school families crossed paths, connections began. In 2018 the Tim Tebow foundation committed to help the church host a “Night to Shine” for kids of the community. Where people believe karma wreaks havoc in the form of mental and physical disabilities, families feel challenges faced by their children are — punishment.

But when parents and children came to Night to Shine, they were enriched and encouraged by the love the people of God showed in the name of Jesus. “For KCF to provide such a caring environment for these families caught both the families and the school by surprise.”

God used three years of special outreach events to plant a passion in the hearts of Pastor Nilav and his church. They envisioned helping children and their parents. The school welcomed their ongoing partnership. Despite being from a different faith practice, the school administration allows the Christians to aid, counsel, and pray for families as God leads, using the Bible.

Nilav says, “This kind of opportunity to share Jesus Christ while helping parents cope with the challenges of rearing special needs children only comes from the Lord.”  He goes on to add, “This involvement with over 100 families of Hindu or Muslim faith is very very rare in India and we want to walk boldly through the door God has opened to share about Jesus and how He can transform lives.”

Love as a Light to Shine

For those walking in darkness, God prepared a way to shine the light of the gospel. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

What does God have in store for Pastor Nilav, his church, the children, and their families? The national partner-leader continues, “The specialized training for parents of special needs children could grow to pan-India, as many families with special needs do not have even basic counseling in how to cope with life as they care for the special needs child.” That’s why Nilav reached out to Live Global.

How Partnership Helps Children With Special Needs

Live Global teammates prayed God would provide skilled North American partners to come alongside Pastor Nilav and his team. A divine connection took place, linking a ministry called Hope Anew with the team in Kolkata. Conversations unfolded and a plan took shape.

“The training that [Hope Anew] will provide for our KCF people will be invaluable as they will have the proper tools and methods to help families from a Biblical perspective to face life’s challenges with God’s help.”

Indigenous leaders in India + North American believers + Live Global = PARTNERSHIP for GOSPEL IMPACT

Finally, with prayer and anticipation, the leaders of KCF are choosing twelve individuals to blaze the trail. Hope Anew will equip the core team to reach families in and beyond the school community. As the three-way partnership grows between the Kolkata Christian Fellowship, the North American leaders of Hope Anew, and the Live Global team, pray with us for God to reach families experiencing compassion and care for the first time.

“Knowing this training will equip KCF with an opportunity to help even more families beyond the school has brought an excitement, and yet sobering realization, that for such a time as this, God has chosen KCF to potentially build into lives of 100s of Hindu and Muslim faith families with the love of Jesus Christ.” - Pastor Nilav

Ready, Set, Shine — Your Turn

Do you have a heart for children with special needs & their families? There's room in this partnership for YOU.

Choose 1 way or more than 1 way to respond or contact us to talk more.

  1. Pray for the training as it begins January 14th. Ask God to put down any opposition.
  2. Ask God to help and bless Hope Anew as they generously share their training in a new context.
  3. Pray that God would help the first 12 learners to understand and apply the training.
  4. Ask God to guide KCF, Hope Anew, and Live Global in working together in His priorities.
  5. Let us know if you’re interested in giving towards printing of training materials or towards KCF outreach events for the families like the Night to Shine.


God has worked through Kolkata Christian Fellowship to grow over 2,000 churches in North India. The network ministers to those in need with lasting hope.

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  • Pray that the new transformational center will be built quickly and engage many hurting people.
  • Pray for continued safety and wisdom for this church that is loving their community.
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